Camberlot: Silent Disco Raises £600 For Rocking Horse


After the success of the Camberlot Silent Disco last year, the House was looking to go bigger and better this time around.

Following a strong marketing campaign, we were quickly up to capacity of 160 and there was great anticipation building around the School.

On the night, a huge crowd lined up outside of the House waiting to be admitted; fortunately we had a resident ‘bouncer’ present in the form of Mr Jones!


First on the decks were Dom O’Donnel, Owen Maitland-Shadwell and Cosmo Mealing, and the boys kick-started the night brilliantly.

With three channels playing simultaneously and students selecting their preferred genre, which included the latest from Bulgaria’s House scene through to Depeche Mode, Queen and Black Lace, there was something for everyone (especially the staff, who were able to put headphones down and not listen to any of the above!).

A special mention has to go to Cosmo, who during his electronic set toasted the fans with a cup of tea showing his admiration and gratitude for their support!

After 30 minutes in the limelight we ‘mixed up’ the DJs (if you excuse the intended pun), with Mr Jones & Josh Simonassi, Gus Bartlett & Alex Bloch and Stephan & Vasil taking up residence on the decks.


The tunes were now in full swing and everyone was having the time of their lives - not that you could tell by listening!

The headline act saw Mr McKeefry and I delivering what was described by many as “potentially the best set they ever heard by human ears” and “the kind of set that careers in DJing are built on.”

The evening then came to a close with some more chilled out numbers, including a final track from Delray Rawlins; Mariah Carey’s ‘Dream Lover’, which went down a treat!


With the music over and headphones removed, attendees all engaged in an impromptu conga out of the House, and with clearup completed we were happy to discover that we had raised over £600 for our House Charity, Rockinghorse, across the course of the evening.

Considering our primary goal was to entertain members of Bede’s other 9 Houses, we are both proud and happy with this accomplishment!


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