Stud: Charity House Party Raises £2,000 For ABC Fund


Charity events can come in many shapes and sizes; such as our House BBQ – celebrating the great Welsh defeat over England in the Rugby World Cup – to our annual Casino Night, but on 21 January 2016 the boys of Stud decided to stimulate Bede's collective philathropy through a whacking great House Party.

Dikembe Wilson and the Stud House Prefect Team determined that the event should be open to Bede's Day and Boarding communities and set about publicising the event.

Before we knew it, there was a buzz all about the School!


On the day of the event, the House was duly transformed and, with the use of a professional sound and light system, DJ Gary Walker hit the decks and ran the playlist (I was very disappointed not to hear any Welsh classics, such as Tom Jones, during the event)…

Despite the lack of Cambric cavatina, around 300 pupils attended the Stud House Party and the dance floor was busy all evening.


Joe Sparrow, Ryan Jashek and Javier Henriquez brilliantly ran our tuck shop, selling very popular glow-in-the-dark wrist bands, while Matt Maloney and Mr Walker acted as official photographers.

Most importantly, the event raised £2,000 for the Stud House Charity, the ABC fund.


Mrs O'Hara and Deis Housemaster Mr Driver

Watch this space for more news about Stud’s Charity events!


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