Science: Fifth Form Pupils Witness ‘Science Live’


In early February, a group of Bede’s Triple Science students attended the GCSE Science Live event at the Dominion Theatre in London.

The first talk was from Dr Kate Lancaster about nuclear fusion – where nuclei fuse together and release energy. There are many benefits of using this method to generate energy, however Dr Lancaster explored the obstructions to fusion becoming widely used and emphasised the idea of our generation having the potential to overcome these challenges.


Next, Professor Mark Miodownik talked about the infinity of the materials that make up our everyday lives and the possibility of creating self-healing buildings in the near future. He even broached the daunting topic of bionic people and explored how our distinction between man-made and human environments is blurring.

My personal favourite talk was from Professor Robert Winston, described as the ‘pioneer of IVF treatment’, who discussed his development of precision surgery in the fallopian tubes and ‘pre-implantation genetic diagnosis’.



He made clear the importance of teamwork in surgery, and talked about his sense of achievement in helping people to have children.

Also presenting were Dr Andrea Sella and Professor Alice Roberts, demonstrating oscillating reactions and discussing evolution.

Overall, the lectures were deeply scintillating, offered insights into the endless innovations in science, and made what seemed like magic comprehendible.


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