School Council: Prefect Reforms Amplify Pupil Voice


With the introduction of a new School Prefect team this year, a new set of issues were brought to the school which have enabled us to build upon the successes of previous teams.

Our main focus this year has been ‘Pupil Voice’ and, as all of the Prefects had been involved with various sections of the School Council previously in their time at Bede’s, we knew what we wanted to change.


We decided that the School Council in its then-state was inefficient and proposed a significant alteration; to remove the School Council entirely and replace it with a streamlined set of House Council, Subcommittee and Senior Management meetings.

To make each House Council more effective in addressing the issues of the School, each Subcommittee produced a selection of leading questions that the House Councils would address during their meetings.

Responses were subsequently discussed and resolved in the Subcommittees, with new ideas then taken to the half-termly Senior Management meetings where appropriate actions were taken.


The School’s “MyBedes” extranet system has played a revolutionary role in this process, enabling each of the Subcommittees to have an information page through which students and staff can access minutes and participate in discussions about school life.

This new initiative has helped to fully utilise and reflect the opinions of the school in relation to food, social events, life in the Houses and much more, all of which is fundamental to the ongoing success of the School.


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