Photography: Fifth and Sixth Form Talks Explore Imagery in the Media


On Wednesday 27th January the Photography Department had the pleasure of inviting professional photographer Max Cisotti and Daily Mail Picture Editor Claire Cisotti to Bede’s to talk to students about photography in the media.

Both Claire and Max have worked in this field for many years and they took time out of their hectic London schedules to converse with our GCSE and A Level Photography students as well as a number of English students who are interested in careers in journalism.

Max opened the talk by showing a range of images that he had taken over the years whilst working for huge companies and brands such as Audi and Mercedes, and rubbing shoulders with celebrities such as Madonna, Beyoncé and our very own Royal Family at parties and events.


He then went on to give advice about technical details in lighting set-up, lens choices and camera settings.

The students were fascinated and mesmerized to hear about how Max works in the industry, selling his images to companies like Getty Images and working alongside the newspapers, magazines, websites and other publications that we read day in, day out.

Following on from Max, Claire then took the stage to speak to the students about her role as Picture Editor at The Daily Mail newspaper.

She showed many fascinating and outstanding publications and spreads that she has produced over the years and talked about the process of having a concept with her team and then trailing through thousands of images in the archives picking the best photos to match her brief.


The contrast between what Claire and Max had to say was fascinating, however there were also clear links that brought the different fields together and showed how both skill-sets and industries compliment and depend on each other.

Claire also brought in newspapers for the students to read and as a mass group we went through the pages whilst she explained the process, actions and decisions that go into each page to ensure that key stories get noticed and that imagery is relevant and grabs attention.

She spoke about a number of examples of events and told us about the importance of headlines and imagery in order to make a consumer pick up a paper or magazine and want to purchase it.


It was a fascinating insight into a genre that we have not touched upon with the students, and for many it was a real eye-opener.

Liza Lukinskaya, an Upper Sixth Photography student, said, “I really enjoyed the Photography talk; it gave me an idea of how a professional photographer works in business. 

“I enjoyed listening and seeing examples from the jobs that Max did, to understanding the benefits and pitfalls, which will be important for my future as this profession is what I want to go into.”


Evie Taylor, a Lower Fifth GCSE Photography student, added, “I am interested in working in the media and I found Claire’s talk both inspiring and though-provoking.  I have a passion for Photography but also thoroughly enjoy English, Humanities and Languages; these are the types of subject’s I will pursue at A Level.

“Claire’s talk reassured me that the subjects I really enjoy are subjects that are helpful for and well regarded within the media industry.”

The Photography Department would like to thank Max and Claire for coming to Bede’s and inspiring our talented students. They have such a passion for Photography, with many wanting to further their education in this area, and as such it really was a valuable talk.

Seeing the great successes of these two individuals in the industry gave so many students a boost and encouraged them to push themselves and thinking about their career after Bede’s.

We now hope to welcome more professionals to come and talk to our talented and creative students, and if you are one such professional then please contact me via email on


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