Warhammer Club: Bede’s Generals Compete in South East Regional Final


The week preceding half term saw a team of four of intrepid Bedians travelling from HQ in Upper Dicker to the unholy terrain of Eastbourne to conduct elabourate campaigns of bloody warfare across the fiery fields of Warhammer’s broken, violent dystopia.

They were, of course, playing a table-top war game in which a lot of dice are thrown and small, carefully painted plastic miniatures are the only casualties.


Our expedition took place because the Bede’s Team had made it through to Heat 2 of the National Schools League competition, with these Heats normally consisting of two schools going head-to-head for a place in the Regional Finals.

On this occasion, four teams were present so we knew it was going to be tough, but as points were gained for the time and effort put into constructing and painting armies we were in a good place before the dice-rolling had even begun.


Oliver Marks received praise for the quality painting of his Space Wolves and Aidan Kerr was rewarded for the assembly, modification and moulding of his unique Blood Angels, so well done to both.

David Watson did brilliantly for a first-time competitor, taking home two wins and a loss with his homebrew Iron Hands sub-chapter: a superb first tournament.

Will Jobling had just completed a new army and had been working hard on understanding the often complex rules of playing Eldar and enjoyed perhaps a little less luck than he might have hoped.


All played their best however and battled their way through three different missions plus a quiz, which gave the team the opportunity to show off their background knowledge from the books and mythology of the Warhammer universe.

Our team proved to be the most well-read of the four teams present, and that result marked the end of a great day of friendly competitiveness.


In spite of the boys’ best efforts, the final result saw us take second place to Eastbourne College, beating two other schools.

We still therefore have a chance of being put through to the National Heats at in Nottingham, but are left awaiting word from Games Workshop as to whether Olly, Aidan, David and Will quite made the cut.


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