Camberlot: Boys Bond During House Pancake Night


As is so often the way after a long day of hard work, and with evening Prep completed in Camberlot, one night last week saw the House's attention turning to food.

As it was Pancake Day however, the boys' were very much in luck!


One of our matrons, Beryl, organised the boys into pancake-making teams, equipped them with the relevant ingredients and was kind enough to teach them all how to make pancakes for the whole House – all 69 of them!

As Lower Fifth boarder Jazz Wardle said of the event, "We had a wide range of toppings from maple syrup and honey to the classic lemon and sugar, and with help of Samir and myself the first load of pancakes were made and guzzled down with some eagerness!"


After about 20 minutes there was a long queue stretching from one end of the Camberlot House kitchen and straight out of the door, and no sooner were the second batch made than they were gone in a flash.

"It was so good that lots of the boys got involved and helped out," Jazz added, "and the whole evening showcased how fun and helpful a House Camberlot is."


Everyone involved seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves, and I would like to thank Matron Beryl for orchestrating such a fun evening.

The boys were all very grateful to her and, due to the success of the evening, it may be necessary to find further excuses for the boys to make pancakes for one another again soon...


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