Crossways: Girls Launch ‘House Masterchef’ Contest


The Crossways House ‘International MasterChef’ competition launched on Saturday 12 March, with the first Spanish Paella-themed round hosted by Resident Tutor and Teacher of Spanish Ms Lopez.

The evening started with a beautiful display of all of the delicious ingredients ranging from cured meats such as Serrano Ham and chorizo to dry, cured Spanish cheese called Manchego to vibrant vegetables including, onions, peppers, tomatoes, carrots and lemon alongside an array of seafood including prawns, mussels and squid.


The Crossways girls were then divided into teams which included fishmongers, choppers, charcoal lovers and cleaners before they got to work.

“The competition was inspired by a staff discussion about how the House could celebrate its cultural diversity, and the tutors and I decided that food was key,” explained Crossways Housemistress Mr Lambeth.

“After all, what better way to celebrate cultural difference than gastronomy?”

As the cook-off began, the girls experimented with playing some party music to accompany their endeavours but the music was soon turned it off in favour of intra-team communication to ensure that everyone’s culinary skills were up to the exacting standards exemplified by Ferran Adrià i Acosta!


Lower Sixth Prefect (and Leiths Cookey Course student) Ngozi was declared the ‘Queen of the Choppers,’ Anastasia was determined ‘Best Tomato Grater’ while Sofia, Claudia and Joana were declared ‘Joint Loudest’ – they clearly enjoyed celebrating their homeland and felt totally at ease with the Fiesta vibe!

Bruschetta was served as a delicious accompaniment to the Paella, beautifully presented by Joana and Sofia, and as all the girls had joined in with the contest the whole event provided countless opportunities to strengthen friendships across cultures.

First Year Spanish student Larissa said of the event, “For me it was great because we were all making and eating Spanish food, which I haven’t had for a long time, while chatting. Everything really was lovely.”


‘Best Chopper’ Ngozi added, “It was amazing. The atmosphere was fantastic, and all the girls were together in the Common Room, getting involved. My hands still smell of garlic today. It was a great evening!”

Look out for Crossway’s next International Masterchef event as the House is now keen to cover foods from all the boarders’ nationalities, including Scottish, South African, Nigerian, Chinese, Russian, Ukrainian and German!


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