Our World Club: Breaking Down Borders

Our World Club

Reverend Buckler recently hosted the half-termly meeting of ‘Our World’, a multicultural, multi-faith group comprised of pupils from over 10 different nationalities such as English, Ukrainian, Montenegrin, Saudi and Bulgarian, and representatives of Christianity, Islam and Buddhism.

During our meetings, one representative volunteers to shed light on their culture for the rest of the group. In order to do so, the chosen member prepares traditional dishes of his or her country and accompanies it with traditional music, a presentation and quizzes.


The wonder of ‘Our World’ is the often overlooked, informative aspect of sharing food, time and conversations with people from around the world; whether it is the distance from Bulgaria and Ukraine to Turkey, the Mexican Nobel Prize winners, or the difference between traditional music and what YouTube says is traditional music, there are always different discussions going on.

So far we’ve had Mexican and Ukrainian evenings, and the latter really raised the bar!

In a world that is currently undergoing an arduous process of globalization, culture shock is something that is commonplace for people who experience other cultures for the first time.

In ‘Our World’, we seek to recognize the plethora of cultures that participate and inform ourselves on the traditions, history and food of the represented countries, in order to immerse ourselves in the world we live in.


At the moment, about fifteen members from different houses, both day and boarder, and boys and girls, have been invited, and we are looking forward to develop the group in order to include more people and build on what seems to be a long-term project.

Our goal is to expand this concept in order to include more people, and subsequently further our comprehension of countries and cultures from around the world.


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