House Cup: House Cross Country Sees Knights And Blooms Pull Ahead


The week preceding the end of term saw every pupil at Bede’s Senior School donning their House t-shirt and digging deep into their energy reserves: it was time for the annual House Cross Country Competition!

Other House Competitions had taken place earlier in the half term which led to victories for Crossways and Knights in the House Rowing, Dorter and Knights in the Junior House Badminton and Blooms and Deis in Senior House Badminton. Possibly the greatest surprise-wins were in the Junior Quiz, which was won by Camberlot, and the Senior Quiz, which was won by Charleston. Note, no mention of Dicker House anywhere!


The Junior House Debating honours went to Bloomsbury and the Senior House Debating prize went to Deis while the Boys’ House Swimming was won by Stud; the Girls’ House Swimming had to be delayed, and will be held next term, while the inaugural Theatre Olympics was won jointly by Camberlot, Charleston and Dicker.

As you might imagine from just the above list, the total numbers of House Points earned by the ten Houses at Bede’s in this year’s various House Competitions make for some very interesting reading. The competition is closer than it has ever been during my time at the School, so every second really did count in the big race - and what a race it was!


In the Girls’ Competition, Millie Pamment took the top-spot for Charleston in the Senior race, closely followed by Beth Giddings for Crossways, while Milly Doxey took first place, again for Crossways, in the Junior age-bracket.

For the Boys’ meanwhile, Doug Bichun won the Senior race for Dicker, narrowly crowding out Pat Dalloway for Knights, while clear favourite Ben Walters won the Junior race for Knights with Ollie Welbourne coming in second for Dicker.


With all of the pupils accounted for after the race, Mr Byrne and his team calculated the scores to discover that Knights House had won the Junior Boys’ competition while Bloomsbury had won the Junior Girls’. In the Senior races, Dicker took the Boys’ top spot (having claimed fifth in the Junior Competition) with Knights in second while Bloomsbury again won for the Girls.

The Knights boys latterly went on to win the House Rugby competition, squeezing every last point out of the Spring Term, and as a result they are now in the top spot; right on their tale are Bloomsbury however, less than five points away and with the Girls’ House Swimming still to take place.

Despite these noble accomplishments, it cannot be ignored that Dicker House have won the House Cup for last four years running and even now rank in third place, closely followed by Charleston.


All of this means that it really is all to play for next term, with the House Rounders, House Cricket, Sports Day and much more still to take place.

Amongst all of these celebrations however, save a thought for Dorms, Crossways, Camberlot, Dorter and Stud; the School’s five boarding houses are the ones occupying all of the bottom spots in the House Cup table.

Come on, boarders - you can do it!


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