Why Do Bede’s Houses Have To Attend Chapel?


If, on one Thursday afternoon, you were to stumble into me I might tell you that I had recently attended an abridged lecture on how one man in Malawi managed to singlehandedly provide electricity for his village.

I might tell you that I learnt how Louis Braille created a lettering system to establish a universal language for the blind.

I might even recall to you the tale of the prodigal son.

Any Bedian will of course know that in each case I would be talking about a recent House Chapel – a weekly service held in the Upper Dicker parish church.

Having been at Bede’s for three years now, Reverend Buckler has made a huge impact on chapel at Bede’s, with services now themed and each service linking to the last.


Current chapel services are centered around the notion of “All I Can Be” where pupils are encouraged to fulfil their potential through understanding that although all of our actions may differ a few ‘core’ values such as compassion, self-discipline and resistance are universal.

Although the Reverend is a Christian, chapel services are not heavily religious. The services do often reflect the values of the Christian faith but they also often focus on different faiths and cultures.

These meetings are important as we are invited to think for ourselves about the larger questions, about life and our own place in the world, and doing this as part of a ‘House community’ adds to the intensity of the experience.

As we seek to prepare ourselves for the wider world, exposure to these values are exceptionally important, and that is why we all attend these sessions; to learn, pause, think and reflect.


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