Stud and Knights: Boys Raise Funds at Bluebell Walk


On Monday 25 April, two groups of boys from both Stud and Knights left the campus in order to represent the school at the Arlington Bluebell Walk, and more importantly, raise funds for the shared charity of both houses, the ABC Fund.

For readers unfamiliar with the charity organisation, the ABC Fund was founded in 1991 by Anne Bickmore, as a means of supporting disadvantaged children and families. In 1995, they applied for charity status, and to this day remain a very prominent organisation with a noble cause.


Upon arriving on the Bluebell site, the first two groups helped set up what was soon to become a very busy, and lucrative, coffee shop. The gentlemen of the two houses worked tirelessly both at the counter and in the kitchen, serving tea, coffee, and most popularly, the cakes and biscuits they themselves baked for the event.

By noon, the reinforcements arrived, brining packed lunches and manpower in support to the dedicated bee workers of the two houses. By two o'clock, the demand for home baked goods and locally brewed coffee and tea was at a peak, with the line of customers reaching the farthest walls of the temporary locale.

Behind the counter, the skilled staff worked through each of the numerous orders with dedication and individual care. Engulfed in the steam of the water boilers and automatic washers of the kitchen, the boys faced wave after wave of customers, providing service akin to that of professional baristas and bakers, all while maintaining heartfelt smiles on their faces.


Come the late afternoon, the customers seemed rarer and the stash of cakes in the back room almost depleted. As a final push, the boys helped completely clear away any remaining trays from the deserted tables, as well as mop up the floors, and leave the cutlery and plates even cleaner than they were in the morning.

By the end of the day, the space that was so generously granted to our school by the Bluebell Walk staff for this event was wiped completely clean by the young workers.

The remaining food was packed onto the buses with the exhausted, but satisfied, Bede's boys, warm goodbyes were uttered to the amazing staff, and the busses were on their way back home.


In the aftermath, the Houses collectively donated profits of over several hundred pounds to the ABC fund, and still had cakes to sell in tuck shops around the school for days to come.

Overall, the amazing discipline and enthusiasm of both the Stud and Knights boys, in combination with the overwhelming support and guidance of the Bluebell and Bede's staff, allowed for a fun and educational experience, giving the students a serious responsibility.

It put their critical thinking and team spirit to the test, granting them an opportunity to truly prove their professional mettle, which they did in a spectacular manner.

All the proceeds are directed to the ABC fund, so if you happen to come across a tuck shop selling cakes around campus, make sure to make a difference yourself!


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