MFL: Bede’s Barcelona Trip Immerses and Informs


Spanish learners from across Bede's year groups recently travelled to the beautiful city of Barcelona for a week-long immersion into Catalan culture.

With the main objective of the trip being for the students to practice using Spanish in everyday situations, we also seized the opportunity to expose the group to Spanish food, music and art with a particular focus on Gaudi’s many extraordinary works.  


The trip was highly successful in relation to above objectives, with the students having ample opportunity to immerse themselves in the Spanish language, both by reading and listening to the target language while in the city and the hostel, and by having to speak Spanish when asking for and ordering things!


The students had a double-Spanish lesson on the first day aimed at preparing them for their daily transactions and interactions, and the subsequent visit to the Chocolate Museum offered the students the opportunity to read the explanations in Spanish, supported by English translations; they were eased in slowly!


The students were subsequently able to develop a very good sense of the geography of the city by exploring parts of the city in small groups, such as the Ramblas, Gothic Quarters and the seafront, and particularly enjoyed travelling on the Teleférico de Barcelona cable car, viewing Barcelona and its surroundings from above.

Everyone relished the Catalan food, and we had some successful visits to “El Puma” (a buffet), the local seafood restaurant “Salamanca” and the brilliant sustainable food restaurant "La Llavor des Origens." 


The students also visited Parc Guëll and the church La Sagrada Familia to see the impressive works of Gaudi in their original surroundings.

We used the audio guides to learn about the history and artistic intentions behind this most beautiful basilica, and the students showed a genuine interest and followed the instructions by the audio guide around the place from one point of interest to the next.


All in all, Mr Breeze, Mr Rohmer and I were very happy with how the trip went and were glad that the students had such a great time, learned a lot and are already looking back fondly onto the experience!


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