Camberlot: Stress-Busting at Sharnfield Farm


Last Sunday, Mr Jones took a few members of Camberlot House and his son Noah to Sharnfield Farm just outside Hailsham for a bit of rest and relaxation – exam season is upon us and I think he sensed the tone!

The outing took place at a perfect time, as it is that time of the year when the stress is high and it can be felt within the four walls of Camberlot House.


The outing was nothing short of brilliant and owed nothing to the Hobbits’ adventure, as we journeyed through the paths of Sharnfield Farm, and our inner children surfaced to the sight of barrel-tunnels, slides, skittles and the sight of a bunny hopping Ben Laws.

Despite some hysterical moments occurring as the party observed the pigs, the trip was particularly relaxing and it surely served its purpose of helping us wind down and just enjoy ourselves and take a breath from the stress of those essays and questions.


After the walk, and a short trip to the Farm’s shop, we sat down to enjoy some ice-cream and played around in the playground and fields surrounding.

In my opinion, the highlight of the day came as we played a small game of touch rugby, masterfully refereed by Noah Jones – the up-and-coming fly-half of Bede’s Prep!

James Wrigglesworth took a lineout pass from Jacob Clark and scored an amazing try and demonstrated the rugby prowess some of us may have doubted at the beginning of the game.

Everyone joined in and everyone was in fine, breathless spirits afterwards.


This time of the year is obviously stressful, as three fifths of the House engage in exams that may potentially decide their future.

Therefore we were all very grateful to Mr Jones for taking the time to take us all out to essentially go back to our childhoods.

Here’s to the next adventure…


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