Warhammer Club: Bede’s Enjoys Best-Ever Schools League Result


Warhammer, for those not in the know, is a hobby involving 3D art-work, tactics and patience.

At Bede’s, the Warhammer Club has been going strong for a number of years and across many afternoons our band of intrepid warrior-artists have built and rebuilt armies and tested them during dozens of skirmish games in preparation for tournament play.

With Warhammer tournaments consisting of a series of battles where carefully painted miniatures are pitted against one another across fictional post-apocalyptic landscapes, players must choose factions, styles of play and develop tactics in order to be successful, and we in Upper Dicker are but minnows in a very large sea of players.


To give you a sense of scale, there is an international Warhammer Tournament scene involving tens of thousands of players who compete across series’ of annual events leading up to National and World Championships through which competitors can earn significant cash prizes – and, of course, bragging rights.

While not yet of global renown, the Bede’s Warhammer Team made it past some hefty competition at our local store championship, progressing through the Regional competition to qualify for the Nationals in Nottingham; embarking by bus, the adventure was a day out to remember for those who took part. 

On arrival, we met with the top 20 School teams from around the UK and set to work, collectively attempting to make it through the Heats and Quarter Finals.


First up, Aidan’s Blood Angels made a good account of themselves with his usual ferocious tactics, though he certainly came across some stout opposition, including our local rivals from the previous round (in particular a Tau player he had faced before). 

Our newest player, Toby, though he had never encountered a tournament of this scale (or anything like it) did brilliantly, managing to achieve the odd victory as well as learning a huge amount about the game. In one of his battles it came down to a single one of his Orks holding an objective to win the day, so well done Toby!

Kieran played superbly with his Guard allied with Harlequins, though the use of Smarties tubes as part of his modified tanks did inspire the Games Workshop team to come up with some modified rules based on the “tastiness” of his ammunition. 


Finally, Will captained our team and took responsibility for ensuring scores were recorded, as well as using his (rather-complicated-to-handle) Eldar in battle.  He also had some of the most entertaining back-story created around his army’s central character which raised some wry smiles amongst the fellow competitors. 

While in the Nottingham “HQ” we also got to look round at some of the breath-taking sculptures created by the Games Workshop team in their Exhibition Centre, from the amazing level of detail on the individual models to the huge (in one case room-sized) scenes that had taken teams of artists many months to create. 


This diorama includes over 5,500 miniature soldiers!

In the end, though the team did win just under half of their games and gained most of the hobby points available, they fell short with a score of 125 and ended the competition in 14th place just behind Beechen Cliff School with 129. 

The trip was, nonetheless, thoroughly enjoyed by the four students and they all represented the school with sportsmanship and skill. Furthermore, several of them plan to take their hobby to a new level as a result so who knows – perhaps next year will see the Bede’s Warhammer Team breaching the UK top ten?


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