Bloomsbury: Girls Invite Leo For House Formal Dinner


There was much excitement in Bloomsbury House before half term as all the girls prepared for our annual formal dinner.

At 6pm we arrived at chapel for a very moving and uplifting service conducted by Reverend Buckler. The theme this year was Perseverance and the sermon was very thought provoking. There was some fantastic singing from Ruby Moody, Rosa Witts and Imogen Lock.


Afterwards we had drinks on the lawn before we entered the Recital Room, which had been superbly bedecked in a ‘Great Gatsby’ theme. The Lower Sixth and a few Upper Fifth girls had worked extremely hard to make it look and feel very special. We even had a photo booth with our very own cardboard cut-out of Leonardo DiCaprio!

We had a fantastic meal and enjoyed yet more brilliant singing from Millie Sefton, Hennia Chowdhury, Rosa Witts and Tally Cornford.


Mr Rohmer was our guest speaker and his stories of growing up in Eastern Germany had us all spellbound. He is a real example of someone who persevered for something he believed in, despite the cost and all the girls were captivated.

To round of the evening, Emilie gave a really memorable speech about her time in Bloomsbury House, what Blooms means to her and some advice for the younger years.


It was a fantastic evening enjoyed by all, and my thanks must go to Reverend Buckler, Mr Rohmer and to Mr Scamardella for all their hard work. It was also lovely to see Mrs Ballard, Mrs Pendry and Mrs Webb returning to School to join us. Come again soon!


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