D of E: Novice Navigation and Campfire Stories


On Friday the 9 September, Bede’s Bronze DofE group embarked on our introductory camp.

The group was led by Mr Walker, who did his best to sit on his hands as we the made some good decisions and some bad ones too!


During our hike, for example, we took a slight, one-hour detour, but we all got there in one piece and the walk was fun, taking us through some very beautiful scenery as the sun slowly set.

Once we got to the camp site, we began putting up our tents for the night. We accomplished this mission without too much trouble and all enjoyed our hotdogs as prepared by Ms Wainwright.


As the evening grew darker, we all gathered around the campfire and told each other scary stories, toasted some marshmallows and enjoyed a long night of fun.

Jack and Tom in particular made us laugh, whereas Mrs French's tale had us all checking our backs for the rest of the night!


We were woken in the morning with the pleasant shaking of our tents from the teachers, after which we had a bite to eat, packed up and went back to school.

Overall, the camp was a superb introduction to the DofE and offered us a great experience with lovely people.


Thank you to all the teachers who gave up their Friday night to take us, and we are now all looking forward to our next adventure.


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