Camberlot: Camaraderie, Cooking and Crash Mats


After a well-deserved lie-in after a busy two days back at school, the Cambo boys woke up on Sunday and walked the relatively short trip from the House to the Multi-Purpose Hall.

Once we had arrived, we were greeted by Mr Jones, who had set up various unorthodox activities in order to bond the cohort of over 20 new Cambodian’s.


These activities ranged from the boys propelling crash mats as far as they could whilst being attached to them, too playing football with inflatable balls larger than some members of the house and the traditional and terrifying ladders games.


Special thanks should go to Mr Clark for some of the more creative ideas for activities and to Mr Jones for daring (unwillingly) to face giant dodgeballs as a lone competitor and be hammered by them pretty quickly!


More than can be said for Mr Richards, whose army grade boots put all the members of the house’s ankles at risk when playing the stepladder game!

We were placed in teams so the whole House got to spend quality time with new boys and veterans – it was a great bonding experience.


After a long post-summer exercise session, the boys walked back to their home where the Bede’s support staff had set up a fantastic barbeque.

Mr Jones and Mr Sealey set to work cooking sausages, burgers and chicken, all of which was warmly received by all members of the House. It was positive to see that the new members of the House will have no problem continuing the age-old Cambo tradition of eating a borderline unhealthy amounts of meat with wilful glee.


While Cambo took its usual unconventional approach to the annual first weekend house activity there wasn’t a Cambo boy who didn’t enjoy it.

It was truly fantastic to see the new First Years blending in so well, and to see various new students from all age groups as well as our new house tutor, Dr Lewis, conversing and learning the secrets of Cambo from the more experienced members of the House.


The day proved that no matter who enters Camberlot House, the house will never lose its important ethos of family, which has been its backbone for so many years.

It was a great way to welcome back all the students from the summer break, and is only a preview for what will surely be a great year at Camberlot.


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