Charleston: Friendship, Fundraising and a Seaside Stroll


Scintillating sun, lush rolling hills and an azure, halcyon sea; the girls of Charleston enjoyed all this and more on their sponsored walk across the Beachy Head cliffs on Sunday the 11 September.

The walk was organised to kick our charity fundraising agenda off for the year, as well as get as many sponsors as possible, with our overall aim being to raise money for our House Charity, St Wilfred’s Hospice.


This charity uses donations to fund a comfortable and friendly environment for the terminally ill, and we in Charleston feel a strong urge to support this cause and help this incredible organisation to fulfil its benevolent purpose.

The Charleston ladies therefore trekked across the hills from the Beachy Head Pub car park to the Birling Gap car park, utilizing the opportunity to chat and become more familiar with the new students within the House.


The event therefore not only raised money for people in need of care; it enabled us girls of Charleston to get outside and bond while enjoying a little light-hearted fun.

On our return to Bede’s, we were then greeted by our parents and we all shared a delicious spread of sandwiches, cakes and other refreshments in the form of a beautiful, sunlit afternoon tea.


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