Dicker: Prefects Host First House Debate

Dicker House First Debate

The boys of Dicker House recently had their first House Debate of the academic year, each contender delivering verbal onslaughts, witty ripostes and constructive feedback on one another’s performances.

We hold these debates to ensure that the boys develop formal presentation and speaking skills as well as confidence in themselves. House Spirit is also evident in spades, which is delightful to see.

By tradition, these deliberations are named "Dickers" after the old American word for bartering. This particular debate saw Joe Billings and Calum Harris debating the motion 'This House believes there should be a cap on the number of foreign players in The Premiership' with Mitchell Dennis presiding over a lively discussion.

As with all house 'Dickers' ceremonial hats were worn and the boys let loose on each other with gusto!

Master Billings, who was arguing for the motion, put forward convincing arguments about the possible improvement to the national side if younger home-grown talent was not suppressed; he went on to mention a successful capping of numbers in County cricket that had improved the fortunes of the England cricket team.

Master Harris countered that fans would not want to pay hard-earned money to see mediocre English talent when they could see the superstars we have currently.

Mr Harris also doubted whether such home-grown mediocrity could achieve greatness, even if given the chance! He argued that all one would be doing would be lowering the standard of the Premiership.

Contributions from the floor included questions about loyalty to local areas and the forgotten values of ‘Club Spirit’ and the good for game of sponsorship and TV money being put into the grass-roots level.

Both Dickerites argued well, but upon the vote it was Mr Harris who won the 'Dicker' convincingly.

The next 'Dicker' will be a debate upon a scruples dilemma, and I cannot wait to see what the boys have in store…


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