House Cup: Bede's Hosts Whole-School 'Amazing Race'


Last Thursday’s ‘Amazing Race’ launched this year’s schedule of House Cup Competitions at Bede’s and, in doing so, brought the whole school together for an afternoon of fun, frolics and hotly-contested mini-games.

For those not in-the-know, the House Cup is a singular item of glimmering silverware awarded to the day or boarding house that has earned the most ‘House Points’ across the three terms of the academic year.


On your marks...

House Points come from victory in House Competitions: events which test and stretch pupils in everything from specific sports to debating to baking – and much more besides!

An innovation for the Academic Year 2016-17, The Amazing Race was conceived by Co-Curricular Deputy Head Ms Woollett as both a new whole-school House Competition and a means of familiarising every Bedian with the School’s campus, facilities and overall layout.


Get set...

Taking the form of a staggered relay race, spaced out along a dozen separate contests, ‘Challenge Stations’ were positioned all across Bede’s 120-acre campus and included an inflatable assault course in the Sports Complex, Pictionary in Stud Yard, Charades in the Miles Studio Theatre and ‘House Smelling’ in the Food and Nutrition Centre.

Teams were assembled by Heads of House to factor in a range of ages and abilities, all with a view to every relay group having a spread of talents and the opportunity to get to know one-another.



“We had three aims for the day,” Ms Woollett explained. “For everyone to get to know our new pupils, for everyone to get to know their way round the campus, and to engender house spirit. Thankfully, all of those aims were met.

“The most wonderful thing however was the huge fun that was had by all who took part. After a first week of lots of talks, lots of instructions and lots of work, it was great to hear so much laughter ringing out around the campus.”


Monday then the saw the results announced in Assembly, with Mr Goodyer creating plenty of suspense and encouraging each House to cheer their efforts.

In 10th place was Dorms, with Stud, Camberlot, DorterDeis and Dicker in 9th, 8th, 7th, 6th and 5th respectively.


A Sports Quiz down at the M-J Pavilion...

Mr Goodyer then declared that three of the top four places had gone to girls’ houses; tension mounted.

In 4th was Crossways, with Charleston third.


Golf on Lower Stud Field...

The Knights pupils thought that their winning ways from last term had continued, but they were wrong: Bloomsbury had managed to secure first place and – for now – they sit at the top of the House Cup leader board

With House Music next on the agenda, and with the theme of "Places" announced Heads of House are already scheming, including organising rehearsals for this year’s “Big Song” – the one which all the pupils have to sing in their Houses – which will be Bastille’s Pompeii.


The aforementioned 'House Smelling'

“The House Music Competition has well-and-truly started,” Ms Woollett concluded, “with houses whispering in corners, music rooms being booked and vocal chords being warmed up.

“It will be a fantastic night, and we are all looking forward to hearing the products of the pupils’ hard work.”


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Pictionary in Stud Yard.


The Literature Quiz in the Library.


Charades in Drama.


Speed Sudoku in Maths.