Stud: Miss Harris Hosts First Tutor Presentation Evening


As a new initiative for the coming academic year, Stud house will be receiving a series of talks and presentations from House Tutors on topics they find personally inspiring or which they think will be relevant to the boys.

We started off with inspirational Art and Design Teacher Miss Harris’ presentation on the illustrator Shaun Tan, which took place on Thursday 15 September.


Miss Harris guided us through one of Tan’s most famous works, ‘The Arrival’ which depicts a man leaving his family in search of a better life and prospects for them to enjoy.

Miss Harris' used a number of visual presentation devices to guide us through the illustrations, identifying how they told the story and sharing her thoughts and opinions about the drawings and why they were significant to her.


Despite the gloomy start, during which the man leaves his family and moves to a foreign country, the book finishes on a high, when he is eventually able to bring his wife and child to join him. 

The underlining theme of the presentation was belonging, and the importance of feeling that you belong somewhere.


Miss Harris also drew some comparisons between The Arrival and the current refugee crisis, which made some of us realise how fortunate we actually are.

Overall, I think the event was really enjoyable and insightful, and it enabled everyone in the House to explore a theme we often overlook.


Miss Harris later challenged us to reach out to a new pupil in the hope of increasing their sense of belonging and, in doing so, make Stud a more united and cohesive home.

Of behalf of the boys of Stud I would like to thank Miss Harris for sharing her thoughts and expertise with us, and I speak for the whole House in saying that we now very much look forward to our next Presentation Evening!


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