Music: Talisker Reports on Belgium Tour


The 2016 Bede’s Music Tour began with a small group of some of the school’s finest musicians assembling at the coach at 7.30 am ready to head off to Belgium.

After a long day of travelling we arrived at the hostel in the evening, unpacked and sat on the riverside in the beautiful town of Namur. After a meal and couple of meetings, we all collapsed into our bunks and got some sleep ready for the days ahead.


After a spot of breakfast, we all headed off to a small town called Durbuy. The town was rather quaint and untouched – indeed, the coach was unable to fit through the winding cobbled streets!

The town was absolutely beautiful, chateaus and local shops lined the picturesque streets, and a castle stood boldly in the center of the village.

After some shopping and exploration we took part in our first concert at a small church in the village of Weris.


The concert was hugely successful, with the locals thoroughly enjoying the event. There were smiles, tears and lots of photographs.

After the concert we all joined the locals at the village tractor festival for some much needed refreshments.

To finish the day off the group set off for a game of ‘Goolfy’ (glow in the dark golf).


Day three began with some lousy weather but, being British, we were accustomed to this and took to the town of Namur to spend the morning shopping.

The next stop was our second concert at a residential home. Upon arrival all the residents were sat eagerly awaiting the concert ahead.

Again, we all enjoyed another wonderful concert with a beautiful performance of ‘Fields of Gold’ by Rosa Witts and Tilly Holker.


We spend the evening bowling and I asked my team to put the barriers down; how that backfired!

To start our final day, the group visited the Citi de Namur – a fortress sat on a large hill in Namur with some absolutely breathtaking views of the town below.

Following our trip to the Citi de Namur, we prepared for our final concert, which was outdoors.


A large crowd gathered as we prepared for our performance and, despite the torrential rainfall midway through, we managed to retain an enthusiastic crowd.

The choir sang their hearts out and the Jazz Band lifted spirits ann before our final activity of the day: a trip to a chocolate factory, run by a Belgian family.

We first learnt a brief history of chocolate and then took to the factory to make our own chocolate designs.


It’s fair to say that we all left feeling slightly queasy due to the vast amounts of chocolate that we’d consumed along the way!

The trip was a delightful way to end the school year, and to display all the groups’ hard work and commitment to music over the past terms.

We would all like to say a massive thank you to Miss Morris, Mr. Scamardella and Mr. Hilton for organizing and taking us on a tour that we shall never forget!


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