School Prefects: Training Day Leads To Exciting School Council Proposals


The 2016-17 School Prefect team embarked on their introductory training day last weekend, acquainting themselves with one another and the new Headmaster.

The team’s extremely proactive dynamic was clear from the outset and there was much excitement for the challenges to come.

The day began with Mr Goodyer sharing his “Prefects’ Vision 2016/2017” in which he emphasised how the School Prefects should reflect the values of our school and work alongside the staff to be a bridge between students and teachers.


He made clear the responsibility each of us had taken on and what exactly our role is to entail.

This was followed by our Principal Deputy Head, Mr Lewis, giving an important speech on Safeguarding. This helped the team learn the types of situations that they may come across and role play the best way of dealing with those situations. This set a rather serious tone, and we listened intently, taking in the job role and how we could help Mr Lewis ensure Bede’s students’ welfare.

Everyone then enjoyed a brief break with tea and biscuits, getting to know each other a little better and discussing our ideas for the coming year.


We were then joined by one of last year’s key School Prefects for a Q & A. The manner in which Alice Potter carried out her role whilst tackling her A Levels, Drama, Music and Dance commitments was remarkable and the team questioned her as to how she pulled it off.

Her honesty was refreshing and hopefully everyone gained enough helpful tips to make this year’s team even more successful.

The next hour was the most exciting part of the day; we were left to our own devices to plan our vision for the year.

The team separated into pairs and rotated around 10 stations where we wrote down any ideas we had for that department of the school.


Soon enough, we had accumulated more ideas then we had time to discuss! Nevertheless, the team attempted to deliberate each point and work out if it is really feasible in our time left at Bede’s.

A few of the schemes are ones which we will certainly pursue, including to enhance Girls’ Sport, introduce formalised Study Groups/Forums to encourage learning outside of lessons, and make the most of how diverse Bede's is.

To capitalise on our diversity, we will ask pupils to speak about their cultures in Chapel, and this idea formed a central plank of the closing speech from our new Head of School, Talisker, and her deputies Jay and Anna.


With our proposals having accumulated depth across the afternoon, this speech more-or-less became a presentation to Mr Goodyer and Mr Lewis which made for a lengthier process than expected and a delay to the start of the Prefect Barbeque!

Once we got there, the sustenance prepared by Holroyd Howe was therefore very greatly appreciated!


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