Camberlot: Hot Sauce, Meat Nights and Virtual Cycling


On the 22 September, Camberlot House held the first of its famous meat nights of this year, all with the goal of raising money for the UK Stroke Association.

Following a weekend in which the House dedicated its energies to making its own hot sauce, with Mr Jones having popped down to the market, found the ingredients and supplied Mr McKeefry, Matron Marian and the boys with a traditional recipe, the boys found themselves requiring something to apply their variously spicy-to-molten creations to – blowing each other’s taste buds to smithereens in the process!


The Meat Night came about in particular as Morgan Webb in the Upper Sixth was trying to raise money by running a half-marathon in honor of his grandfather, who recently suffered a devastating stroke.

Mr Jones and the other staff spoke to us about the importance of research into strokes and the wonderful work that the charity do, and we all agreed that a charitable feast was in order!

There was a huge amount of pork and chicken bought for the occasion and as the colossal platters emerged the boys all gathered together and began queueing up to be served their chosen carnivorous delights.

The House, as is its custom, really demonstrated its talents in eating huge amounts of meat, with most of it having vanished in about 15 minutes!


Special mentions have to go to Eymeric Boyer, who donated a large amount to the cause (and duly received an express pulled-pork delivery, with all the trimmings) and Sam Saville, who donated a great deal despite the fact he was a day boarder and wasn’t even staying to have any of the meat!

Overall, we were able to collectively raise an impressive £207 for the UK Stroke Association, and spend some lovely moments together as a community whilst munching away.

But we didn’t stop there!


On the 1st of October, a group of boys then took on the challenge of cycling through various towns in Italy, the United States of America and Switzerland.

Okay – so, it was a simulated virtual spin bike climb, but what a great way to spend a Saturday morning!

Our fearsome coach (Mr Jones) made sure that nobody was falling behind, with his motivational bawling making everybody keen on carrying on!

We managed to cycle through terrifying terrain and even worse weather, and even when the French Alps closed into view we dug deep and made it!


The brave group consisted of nine Cambo men from eight different nationalities from the First Year through to the Upper Sixth, which highlights Cambo’s unique culture of utter inclusivity and a curiosity to try new things regardless how ridiculous they are!

The feeling of victory was almost overwhelmed by general fatigue, but would I recommend it? Definitely! And would I do it again? Yes!

Not only had this event give us the opportunity to see a bit of landscape but it had also brought us as a group much closer.

Apparently next time it is the Rocky Mountains. Wish us luck!


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