Sailing: Bede’s Windsurfers Join The Club


The Indian Summer has seen a fabulous start to year for Bede’s Sailing Club, with good breezes, warm sea temperatures and record number of the School’s girls and boys sailing and – for the first time – windsurfing alongside their peers.

With abilities ranging from absolute beginner to expert, the Club’s manager (and Bede’s Principal Deputy Head) Mr Lewis is particularly happy about the way the activity sees preconceptions overturned.


“We have First Year pros coaching Lower Sixth pupils, which is pretty rare in most aspects of school life. Plus, although it might seem a little clichéd, it’s all important that the children get to enjoy the feeling of freedom, confidence and exhilaration sailing brings.”

An old sea dog who had a career as sailor, sailing manager and qualified Senior Sailing Instructor, Mr Lewis learned to sail himself aged six on the calm waters of Chichester Harbour.

“The children have access to fantastic opportunities and facilities as part of the group, both on an inland lake and the sea, and from a personal point-of-view the activity offers me a great way to leave my role behind at the office and get to know the children in a totally different context.


Founded with just three members four years ago, the Sailing Club at Bede’s has grown and grown, with the School’s current Sailing Captain, Jake Simmons, being one of the founding members.

“Jake is the most delightful young man who, when put in a boat, on a course, reveals a competitive edge that’s just relentless,” Mr Lewis continues.

“He’s a quiet soul in school but seems transformed one he’s on the water. He is utterly supportive of the other members of the activity, guiding younger members of the School and acting as a true role model.”


Bedians interested in joining the club, including those who would like to complete qualifications in a range of nautical specialities, should talk to Mr Lewis who hopes to carry on sailing up until November.

Provided, of course, that Lord Poseidon deems it acceptable…


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