Sports Results: Autumn Term - Week 7


Senior School


Football versus ARK William Parker Academy (ESFA Championship Round 2)

1sts won 3-1


Football versus Cheadle Hulme School (ISFA Championship Round 2)

1sts lost 4-2 on penalties after a 1-1 draw at the end of extra time.


Football versus Ardingly College

1sts won 4-3 (Independent Schools’ League)

2nds lost 3-1

3rds lost 4-0

4ths lost 8-2

5ths lost 3-2

U15As won 1-0

U15Bs drew 1-1

U15Cs lost 7-1

U14As won 8-0

U14Bs won 4-2

U14Cs lost 6-4


Football versus Durrington High School (ESFA Championship Round 2)

U15s won 4-2


Football versus Alleyne’s School (ISFA Championship Round 2)

U15s won 5-0


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Hockey versus Seaford College

1sts won 3-0

2nds won 2-1


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Netball versus Dorothy Stringer High School (Sussex Area Cup Round 1)

U16s won 32-7


Netball versus Willingdon Community College

U15s won 15-4


Netball @ County Championships

1sts finished 5th

U16s finished 4th

U14s finished 4th


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Badminton versus Christ’s Hospital

1sts lost

2nds lost


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Basketball versus Ardingly College

1sts lost 97-36


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Volleyball versus Moira House

1sts lost 2-1


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Prep School


Football versus New Beacon School

1sts lost 5-2

3rds drew 2-2

4ths lost 3-1


Football versus Windlesham House School

5ths won 5-1


Football versus St Andrew’s Prep School

U11As won 5-0

U11Bs drew 3-3

U11Cs won 6-0

U11Ds won 7-0


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Hockey versus St Andrew’s Prep School

1sts lost 3-2

2nds won 4-3

3rds won 1-0

4ths lost 2-1

U11s lost 13-0

U10s lost 2-1


Hockey @ IAPS U13 South East Regional Tournament

Group Stage:

U13s won 2-0 against Great Walstead

U13s lost 3-0 against Eagle House

U13s lost 1-0 to Feltonfleet

The girls finished third in their group and therefore proceeded no further.


Hockey @ IAPS U11 South East Regional Tournament

Group Stage:

U11s won 3-0 against St Theresa’s

U11s drew 1-1 against City of London and Freemans School

U11s drew 1-1 against Kent College

Quarter Final:

U11s lost 2-0 against Ardingly


Full report:

This year’s IAPS U11 Regional Tournament started with a match against St Theresa's.

The girls were ready and rehearsed in their roles and started with great determination and focus. At half time we were 3-0 up and rotated the players to try and conserve energy. We were fast, hungry and played the ball around with good pace and power!

In the second match of the day we played City of London and Freemans and drew 1-1. In this match we were a little complacent and needed to work and run a little harder when out of possession and mark more tightly.

The final game of the Group Stage was against a very talented Kent College side. In this game we started far more focused and played with greater commitment, marking well and trying to be the first to the ball. The U11s’ hunger and passion to try and win was definitely rekindled!

We scored a single goal, but Kent College then caught us napping and stole an equaliser. Nonetheless, with a 1-1 score line we scraped it through to the next round on Goal Difference.

The Quarter Finals against Ardingly saw us concede a goal in the first half, but the girls responded by running hard and playing better hockey. Alas, Ardingly won a short corner and scored, and their two goals proved too big a hurdle to clear in the rest of the 8-minute half.

The girls were disappointed and frustrated not to reach the semi-finals, but all learned lessons from the experience and we will no dedicate our energies to improving our movement off the ball and our defensive discipline.


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Netball @ Eastbourne Junior Netball League

U12s won 12-3 against the Angels

U12s won 9-7 against the Silhouettes


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