Camberlot: Trump Falters In Mock US Election


On the 8 November, following the format of the Cambo Scottish Independence Referendum Party a couple of years ago, Camberlot House held a mock election to mirror the real-life US election that was happening that same day.

After rolling out plates of American style-snacks, the boys got to see Carraic O’Donnell give the most note-perfect impression of Donald Trump any of us had ever seen – complete with makeup and having a tiny American flag pinned to his jacket.


In true Trump style, Carraic prepared for his speech ‘lightly’ and banked on his charisma and bold statements to see him through!

I was doing my best Hillary Clinton impression; a liberal with an edge! The results were very different from the real thing, with Clinton winning 76% of the vote – I was very pleased!


Realistic, nerve-racking, ridiculous, thought provoking and satirical were just some of the words housemates used to describe this event. One thing we can all agree on is that it was an interesting activity and that we all very much enjoyed it.

Every single one of the boys voted, it sparked lots of conversations and it got us thinking about the nature of democracy and the voting methods.


There were also lots of conversations (especially with the four Mexican boys in the house!) – little did we know what was in store for us the next day when the real results were announced.

Once again, the Cambo boys have shown their interest and humor in current affairs. These ‘elections’ definitely made us laugh and realize that, even though you’re not always happy with the decision, that’s how politics work.  


And to finish, some advice to remember: think well and thoroughly when you step into a voting booth, because everyone’s vote counts.


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