Knights: Car Raffling and Snack Snaffling Raise £1,000 for ABC Fund


Knights House’s chosen charity for this academic year, the ABC fund, recently held a raffle with a difference to help raise money for their cause – and in line with the true Knights ethos we felt as if we should help!

For those unfamiliar with the charity, The Anne Blackmore Children's Fund helps make disadvantaged children's lives, and the lives of those caring for them, more enjoyable.

To help finance the life-changing care they provide, the charity decided to hold a raffle where the main prize was a car worth £7,000.

Throughout the week, the Knights boys sold raffle tickets and doughnuts to people around school. The incentive of not only getting a raffle ticket but also eating a sugary treat led to this being a great success and we raised a total of £350!

A few Sixth Form Knights boys also went to the Arndale Centre in Eastbourne to aid with the selling of tickets to the general public.


The ABC Fund team were very grateful to us for giving up our time for this great cause, saying that we went about this task “with an amazing demeanour and always with smiles on our faces.”

In reality, we were the ones who benefitted most; aside from helping the charity with raffle ticket sales, the experience helped many of the boys to gather up their confidence and develop those all-important social skills which will benefit us all enormously in life during and after school.

Most importantly, the ABC Fund exceeded their fundraising goal - including by the £1,000 of additional funding the Knights boys helped them to raise.

Well done to everyone who contributed, and thank you to The ABC Fund for the opportunity!


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