Dicker: 24-Hour Football Match Raises £1,500 For Charity


It is with genuine amazement that I can announce Dicker House successfully completed their 24-hour football match in aid of the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

It didn’t quite dawn on us just what we were attempting until the night before the event. Some of us struggled to persevere through two hours of Soccer Rec on a Tuesday afternoon and thus to even contemplate braving 12 times that whilst having little to no sleep seemed almost unfathomable!


Mr Goodyer blows the whistle to begin the match...

With the two teams, Mitchell United, captained by Mitchell Dennis, and Calum Athletic, captained by myself, raring to go, the Headmaster commenced proceedings. At 12pm on Saturday the 1st October it began, with all of us unbeknownst to the topsy-turvy schedule of events to come.

The intensity of the game was absolutely unbelievable, with many exhausted with a mere 23 hours and 55 minutes left on the clock!


We survived by making regular shift-changes and pizza breaks, with students taking breaks to compete in school fixtures, a 33-player ‘Graveyard Shift’ from 10pm to the next morning, and naps on makeshift beds.

As midday on Sunday approached, we all banded together and expanded the pitch, meaning that a mass game of 11-a-side ensued.

The final score was quite staggering, with Mitchell United winning 824-735!


With well over 1,500 goals scored, the process also highlighted some rather underrated footballers within Bede’s, not least the mercurial Mitchell Dennis himself, showing signs of a young Romelu Lukaku.

We also had the pleasure of witnessing the footballing talent of Mr Oliver, Reverend Buckler and the tough-tackling Mr Tuson, which gave students the opportunity to fulfil every schoolboy’s dream of nutmegging their teacher!

Once more, I’d like to thank the 65 students who participated throughout the event, and special mentions go out to the staff who supervised the match, as well as those who contributed towards the £1,500 we raised for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.


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