Sports Results: Autumn Term - Week 10

Swimming Nationals

Senior School


Football versus Gordon’s School (English Schools Football Association Championship Round 4)

1sts won 3-1


Football versus Hall Mead School (English Schools Football Association Championship Round 4)

U14As won 4-3 on penalties following a 6-6 draw


Football versus City of London School (English Schools Football Association Championship Round 3)

U15As won 4-2


Football versus Durrington High School (English Schools Football Association Championship Round 3)

U16As lost 3-2


Football versus Dover College

2nds won 2-1

4ths won 7-0

5ths drew 4-4

U14Bs won 7-1


Football versus St Edmund’s School, Canterbury

3rds won 2-0

U15Bs won 3-2

U14As won 5-0


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Hockey versus Hurstpierpoint College

1sts won 6-0

2nds lost 5-0

U15As drew 1-1

U14As drew 2-2


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Tennis versus Culford School (National Championships Round 6)

U15s lost 5-1


Tennis versus Bexhill College

U18Cs lost 3-1


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Netball versus Mayfield School

U16As won 20-12


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Swimming @ English Schools National Finals

Bede’s sent two teams to the English Schools’ Swimming Team Championship Finals last week, which were held at the spectacular London Olympic Swimming Complex.

The Senior Boys’ Team finished 7th in freestyle, 9th in medley, and was made up of Ben Kebbell, Sam Avery James Grimmond and Jason Pears.

The boys were on fine form in both relays, qualifying from the heats for both finals and bettering their rankings.

In the medley final Sam Avery swam a Personal Best time of 28.98 for 50m backstroke to put the team in strong contention. Solid swims by Ben Kebbell (50m breaststroke, 32.35) and James Grimmond (50m butterfly, 28.35) kept up the momentum, before Jason Pears finished in a flourish on the final freestyle leg in 25.28 to put the team in 9th place overall in a time of 1.54.93.

The Senior Boys stronger event was the freestyle relay. In the final James Grimmond got the team off to a strong start with a time of 25.32 before both Sam Avery and Jason Pears swam 25.50 splits.

Ben Kebbell then fought well with the competition to swim a strong last leg in 24.90, stopping the clock at 1.41.46.

The Senior Girls Team then managed to finish 18th in the medley heats and 24th in freestyle, swimming their hearts out and moving up the rankings with their relay swims.

In their stronger event, the medley relay, Harriet Farrington swam a great first 50m backstroke in 32.68, followed by Angel Lau in 38.30 for 50m breaststroke.

The team were fighting hard with the other teams and Rozzie Scarff kept the momentum going with a solid 31.90 slit in the 50m butterfly. Adelaide Barden then finished hard on the last 50m freestyle (29.4) to put the team in 18th place in a time of 2.12.35, 7 places higher than they were seeded.

In the freestyle relay the girls swam strong to move up the rankings to 24th place, with a time of 1.59.26. A special note to Harriet Farrington on that one: she blasted down the last length in a time of 28.40 seconds!


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Prep School


Hockey versus Brighton College

1sts won 8-0

3rds drew 1-1


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Netball versus Roedean School (County Cup Round 2)

U13As lost 28-5


Netball versus Burgess Hill School For Girls (Area Cup Round 1)

U13Bs lost 62-0


Netball versus Brighton College

U12As lost 16-13

U12Bs won 6-4


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Rugby versus Brighton College Prep School

U13As won 30-20

U13Bs won 35-10

U12As lost 15-10

U11As won 20-15

U9As lost 55-20


Rugby @ Eastbourne College U12 Festival

What a great day! The training sessions in the morning started slow, but after a few minutes the boys got right into it and started to work as a team. By the fourth and final session they were all looking up and running straight; it was a promising morning.

After lunch the matches started, and we faced Yardley Court first. This was a tough match, and they were a good side.

Under pressure the looking-up rugby started to fade away and it became a game of testing our defence. The team proved themselves very good defenders however, keeping the final score to Yardley Court 30 - Bede's 0.

Match 2 was against St Ronan's, and we were equally matched against them at the start; it was apparent that to win this one would take a great deal of grit and determination!

The boys gave everything and scored three quick tries. Then, once ahead, the team started to sit back a little. This allowed St Ronan's to draw level. Thankfully, the boys dug deep and scored the winning try with a couple of minutes to spare, making for a final score of St Ronan's 15 - Bede's 30

Match 3 was against St Andrew's, who gave Yardley Court a great game - meaning this was going to be the toughest match yet!

The match started off very evenly, and it became clear from the side-lines that the U12s were determined to give it their all, especially as you took the lead!

St Andrew's immediately scored to come back level, and this was the pattern in the match. They were trying very hard, but the U12s seemed to always have an answer.

If there was ever a game to take all of the team’s skills and put them together, this was the one!

With a final score St Andrew's 15 - Bede's 20, you did yourself proud. Two losses and a win is not a bad way to start the season, especially considering your effort levels!


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Swimming versus St Andrew’s Prep School

Bede’s Prep Schools U9, U10, U11, U12 and U13 Girls’ Swim Squads were all in action on Thursday evening in the St Andrew’s Cup. They swam against Vinehall, Brighton College and St Andrew’s in a very exciting gala.

Well done to Ellie Abel, who won her individual events, and to Maddy Baldwin-Charles, who secured 1st place in her Breaststroke event.

Fantastic swimming was also in evidence from Kirstin Orr, Manuela de Juan, Summer Lees, Ella Belk and Sophie Macdonald, all of whom swam with speed and maintained good technique in all their events.

We saw some good swimming from all the other teams, and our recent practice of touch turns and tumble turns clearly helped in the two length events!

Particular congratulations go to the U12 team of Ellie Abel, Ayaka Amos, Lizzie Morgan, Kirstin Orr and Atlanta Woodhall, who achieved silver medals.

Well done also to the U13 team, Maddy Baldwin Charles, Mimi Cisotti, Amelia Entwisle and Alex Hawkins who achieved bronze medals.


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