Crossways: Beachy Head Chaplaincy Speaker Shocks And Informs


Monday 28 November saw the girls of Crossways House having the honour of listening to Sue Casebourne, a chaplain from the Beachy Head Chaplaincy, about how she and her team work to save lives every day of the year.

For those unfamiliar, the Beachy Head Chaplaincy is a private organization whose main role is to patrol the Beachy Head Cliffs in East Sussex, keeping a lookout for people who want to end their lives.


We in Crossways voted to make the organization our designated House Charity for the year earlier in the term, and Sue came to speak to us to enhance our understanding of how the funds we are working to raise are making a tangible difference.

“We prevent two to three people every day from committing suicide,” Sue said, to a shocked room.

“Being able to listen, understand and talk are key in this job, in which seconds, minutes or even hours are spent changing peoples’ opinions of their lives. To do this effectively requires a huge amount of training, and that costs money.”

With BHC operating 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, whatever the weather, Sue also explained how its volunteers and staff members have to always be ready to react quickly. Their hard work and capacity to brave freezing temperatures pays off however, with the number of suicides at Beachy Head having reduced markedly due to the organization’s work.


Crossways is, of course, very proud to be able to support BHC’s work and efforts, especially as the Chaplaincy is a discreet organization which struggles to regularly refresh its websites, raise funds, and, therefore, raise awareness of its very existence.

After Sue’s talk, I was left with the feeling that it is incredible hard for people like Sue balance the need to inform the local population of BHC’s work and the challenges of simply doing what they are doing day-in, day out.

This results in a great need for – and gratitude about – donations, and we are now all very passionate about doing whatever we can to help.


Furthermore, despite the difficult topic, we all enjoyed the talk from Sue and learned a huge amount about the hard work chaplains do, and what an important job theirs is.

We are therefore all very thankful to Sue for making the time to speak to us, and hope we can all work together to contribute to this incredible cause.


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