Camberlot: Why Every Voice Matters


Decisions about the colours of our bedroom walls to the provision available to the boys during Prep time in Camberlot House are not made by teachers.

Instead, like much of life at Bede's, conclusions are come to through debate and negotiation with all of the relevant stakeholders – and down at our end of the campus it is one of the things we are most proud of.


In Cambo, we believe that a student’s voice is one of the most important factors to consider when making sure that everybody feels at home. After all, could we really call it our home if we didn't have a say about how it looks, how it’s run, what we spend money on, who comes through the door, and what values we share?

We think that our House has such a strong community because of the efforts of both staff and students. We make sure that everyone has their ideas and opinions not just noticed but acted upon. Whether it concerns the whole school, the wider Cambo community or just those who live in the house full time, we must value everyone’s views - otherwise Camberlot is just a building.


But how do we make it work?

Cambo has an array of internal councils and meeting groups, all of which are designed so pupils can suggest, debate and change things for the better of the House.

Our Tutors and Matrons run in-house subcommittees for both Senior and Junior students on matters of Food, Saturday Night Activities, IT and Internet Issues, and Prep Timings. These are filled with volunteers from each year group and have evolved to become important touchstones to look at how the House is run.


We have an official House Council too, which meets fortnightly and has over 20 members. Its popularity is testament to both it’s worth and impact. It is also entirely student driven - fully run, monitored and minuted by the us, before issues are passed on for debate amongst the House staff.

This enables us to be frank, honest, and speak from our own points of view.

Furthermore, Mr Mutimba also runs a Junior House Council whose members change each term. This means that every individual First Year and Fifth Form pupil has a voice and a say. Mr Mutimba then passes the results on to the House Council, who then discuss the propositions made and forward them to Mr Jones.


The changes and impacts we have made, even this year, have been clear and significant. They have helped our House to function and be forward thinking, with the key to it all being the notion that ideas need to come from everyone – and that’s exactly what happens.


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