Knit and Natter: Pupils Complete Alzheimer's 'Twiddlemuff' Campaign


Bede's Knit and Natter Group excelled themselves across the Autumn Term, completing a beautiful collection of 'Twiddlemuffs' in support of Alzheimer's patients.

Taking place during Bede's Co-Curricular Programme, the Knit and Natter Group is part of the School's Community Links scheme and focusses on enabled children to learn how to knit while engaging with residents of Upper Dicker village.


Many of the students who joined the activity last September learned to knit for the first time across the term but, with encouragement from the teachers that run the group, and the ladies from the village, each managed to make at least one wonderful Twiddlemuff before the term ended.


"The emphasis of the activity has been on sharing and learning new skills, enhancing social and conversational skills and learning to be free and creative, with an eye to making a practical comforter for patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s," explained Knit and Natter Group Leader Ms Garred.


"The ladies from the village have been inspired by our students and have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them by sharing stories and engaging in discussions both topical, anecdotal and historical."


With last term's crop of Twiddlemuffs delivered in time for Christmas, a new group of students have already signed up for Knit and Natter for the Spring Term and will, alongside some veterans, continue the Twiddlemuff campaign at the Village Shop in Upper Dicker through until Easter.


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