Film and Media: Alice Reports On New York Field Trip


After an eight-hour flight from London to New York, you might think Bede’s Media students would need to stop and rest before hitting the city. If so, you would be wrong!

As soon as we had we emerged from JFK airport we hopped straight onto a bus and went to Manhattan. After a quick break in our hotel, we headed to the Times Square and had dinner at the iconic Bubba Gump restaurant, named after a character in Forrest Gump.

It was unbelievably exciting for us to visit Times Square, especially after having seen representations of it onscreen in so many films and TV shows. The neon signs and pictures were so incredibly bright that it felt like it was daytime, and because we were all still a bit lightheaded after the flight the whole place appeared as if hyperreal.


Afterwards, we went to the top of the Empire State building to enjoy a breath taking nocturnal view of the sprawling metropolis.

The outdoor temperature that night was about -15 C, so on our way back to the hotel we were freezing. The most dedicated amongst us, such as Natalie Mok and Hannah Chen, nonetheless managed to take some photos!

During the next morning, after breakfast in the local diner, we took the subway to the New York Film Academy where we took part in a filmmaking masterclass.

The tasks we were set seemed tricky and unusual at first as we were given plain scenarios without any context or explanation of the dialogue. Somehow, we all managed to turn the words on the page into interesting visual stories, which was quite impressive regarding the amount of time allotted!


After this thought-provoking experience, we left Manhattan and took the subway to Queens to visit the world-famous Museum of Moving Image.

The number of exhibitions in this place was so extraordinary that it proved impossible to see all of them in one visit.We had a lot of fun there nonetheless, creating our own stop-motion films and exploring the world of set decoration and costume design from iconic films such as The Mask, Black Swan and even Star Wars!

The day after saw us travelling on the Staten Island Ferry, which enabled us to see the Big Apple from yet another different perspective.


We only spent four days in New York, but the memories we left with are so vivid and thrilling that they will stay with us all for a long time. We explored different parts of the city, visited many picturesque restaurants and had great experiences using the New York subway (which is unbelievably different from the London underground!)

We all left the city with a positive impression and in good spirits. The people we have to thank for that are Mr Hickman and Mr Amin, whose professionalism, confidence and ability to cheer people up helped us to get through the short but extremely intense journey.


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