School Prefects: Being The Change You Want To See


With interviews having already begun for next year’s School and House Prefects, it is unbelievable how quickly the year to date has whizzed by, how much the 2016-17 School Prefects have achieved so far, and how much we still want to accomplish!

Looking back at last term, for instance, the Autumn saw Talisker encouraging us to grasp every opportunity to prove ourselves as a team. We therefore kick-started the year with our Prefect Training where we brainstormed ideas for events we wanted to host and changes we would like to see around the school.


The first thing we acted upon as a team was voicing pupils’ requests for the school to provide alternative options for life after school, in particular relating to careers advice.

Having listened to this request, Mr Goodyer and the Senior Management Team are organising a series of talks about different routes into employment, such as internships and other job opportunities, and are also looking to employ a Head of Careers and Employability to support Mr Gibbs.

With life so busy at Bede’s, and many students therefore only socialising with those they see in lesson, their Houses or during their Co-Curricular activities, we have also sought ways to bring pupils from across the Houses together more frequently.

To do this, we organised a whole-school 5-a-side cup called the Bede’s Football League. With a nominal fee to enter the contest, and proceeds going to our School Prefect charity, Save the Children, we have been really happy with how to league as encouraged integration within the school.


The league is split into Junior and Senior competitions, with a mixture of girls and boys teams. It will run until the end of the Spring term, with prizes for the winning team, and I am happy to report that so far the tournament seems to have been a success.

One of the most recent changes the prefect team has implemented is making the dining room a technology-free zone. The idea is to help everybody to disconnect from work, and the internet in general, for at least one significant period of every day, socialising with one another whilst eating.

We have also organised numerous charity events throughout the year, such as our Christmas Carolling Programme and a Christmas Jumper day back in December.

Probably the highlight of the year however was the whole school Halloween Social, where a team of school prefects came together to organise the set-up of the stage, the music and the general theme.


Their hard work was highly rewarded with a fantastic evening, which kept everyone on their feet!

We have also really enjoyed collaborating with Reverend Buckler on the PSHE Programme, including our take on James Cordon’s carpool karaoke. The event saw the Headmaster, the Prefect Team and other members of staff singing – some of them beautifully – with the videos making just about everyone at Bede’s crack a smile.

With Summer Exams on the horizon, it is strange to think that we are now well over halfway through our prefecture, but I can say with some confidence that we are all proud of both the things we have achieved and the massive amount we have learned since September.

Still, there are two whole halves of term to go before we hand over the mantle, and lots left to do, so expect a few surprises for us yet! 


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