Netball: Girls Enjoy County Honours and Watch England v Australia


January saw Bede's girls enjoying a wonderful start to the 2017 Netball season, with one highlight being the five girls selected for County Honours.

Olivia Kounnis and Poppy Picken were selected for Sussex County U16s.  Also, Maddy Walden, Lucy Drewek and Abigail Tanzier were selected for Sussex County U14s.  It is fabulous to have this connection within the England Netball Pathway.  

Our 1st team, have been competing, in the Eastbourne Netball League as well as school fixtures.  They are currently sitting comfortably in 3rd place in the local league, after securing wins against some strong teams.  


The U19s have resurrected their U19B squad who recently won against Moria house 26 V 12.  It is great to have the addition of new sixth form students and existing students participating in this team.

The U14As have had an excellent start to the season and have so far remained unbeaten since January.  They have being working on their squad and unit goals and the outcome is reflected in their court play.   Their decision making and unit work was very evident in their recent win against Cranbrook.

The U16s have also worked hard this season and secured a place in the 3rd round of the county cup. 


Unfortunately, they were knocked out last week against Brighton.  The players have used this game to produce solutions and new tactics for their next game against Ardingly, next week.

We have had a new addition to our coaching squad and we have seen some clear developments from our U15 players.  They have been found to be very pragmatic in their approach and have displayed resilience and teamwork in their matches. 

This season we have put out B squads in most age groups allowing for a participation stream and producing players that have the ability to compete in the A squads. 

Finally, to cap off the half-term, Sunday 5 of February saw half of Bede’s Netball players, ranging from ages 13 to 18, travelling to Wembley Arena to watch the England Roses play the Australian Diamonds.


Head of Bloomsbury, Ros Manning, said of the experience, "It was a fast match, with the ball turned over frequently. Both teams played fantastically, although the Diamonds went into the match as favourites being a well-known team with a long history of wins.

"Thankfully, our home team pushed the boundaries and won the second quarter by driving relentlessly on the attack, with the match eventually coming down to a nail biting finish."

Throughout the game, the highlight of Australia’s play was their movement and spacing while England distinguished themselves both in the ways that they drove for the ball and in their shooters’ use of movement within the shooting circle.

Lower Sixth Former Alannah Akinwunmi added, "The overall score was 47-46 to the Diamonds, with England unlucky to lose out. More importantly, all of the girls were well and truly inspired and are now ready to try out some of the moves we witnessed.

"In particular, the teams’ use of bounce passes into the goal D was very effective, and we are all looking forward to our training sessions where we will be sure to practise these skills for ourselves."


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