Crossways: Charity 'Dance-athon' Raises £2,000 For Beachy Head Chaplaincy


At 5pm sharp on a recent Friday evening, the girls of Crossways House started a 24 hour sponsored dance in aid of suicide intervention charity Beachy Head Chaplaincy.

All of the girls and House Staff participated in the event, sleeping on mattresses, beanbags and sleeping bags, dancing the night - and following day - away!

The event took place in Crossways itself, with the help of old Bede’s student Matt Jebb who prepared the dance floor and audio equipment, and school caterers Holroyd Howe who provided snacks and treats to keep our energy levels high.


The event was thoroughly enjoyed by all the girls as it was not only an exhilarating challenge but also provided us with team building skills and allowed for a sense of community as the whole house came together to achieve what proved to be a quite challenging goal.

There were many highlights of the dance, including the disco that began the countdown. Pupils from all of Bede’s Houses came along, although few were present for our Spanish Music Hour from 5am – 6am!


All of the year groups supplied playlists, and these made the night shift as fun and enjoyable as possible!

The event definitely proved the sheer support and encouragement within the school as, although at some points it felt as if the only thing we might ever desire was to go back to bed, the girls fortified and motivated one another to keep on going.


Mrs Lambeth managed to stay dancing for the impressive 24-hour period without once stopping for a rest, inspiring us to all go the extra mile for a brilliant cause.

Finally, at 5pm on Saturday afternoon, all the girls and staff formed a circle to belt out the lyrics of the last song of the event, Thank You for the Music by Abba, and when the clock finally struck 5 the whole House burst into cheers and laughter.


Upper Fifth students Hope Ball and Amelia Doxey were determined to also stay up for the whole period as they believed ‘it was a challenge they wanted to take on whole-heartedly to show their appreciation for the charity.’

Thank you to everyone who sponsored us in our endeavour, and to the girls themselves.

What an incredible experience!


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