Go Karting Club: Bede's Pupils Banish The Rust


With the Spring weather driving everyone indoors, the members of Bede’s Go Karting Club have been making the best of it, stripping down some of the School’s oldest Go Karts, sanding them down, adding customisations, and making ready for another summer of racing.

One of Bede’s oldest Co-Curricular Activities, Go Karting Club sees children building and servicing Go Karts throughout the Winter months, often starting the process with little more than a chassis in September.


Budding engineers then design and build their own custom vehicles across the course of the year and, as the weather improves, race their contraptions both on the School Grounds and at the local racing circuit at Filching Manor.

With everything from motorbikes to hovercrafts having built by pupils across Go Karting Club’s 30+ year lifespan, staff and students alike eagerly await what Mr Read and his madcap squadron will dream up this year.


Whatever they prove to create, the children are all learning valuable skills, from how engines function to how a balanced frame can give a kart an edge, all under the ever-watchful eyes of the school’s Head of Transport.

“Our school has always believed that some things are better learned outside of the classroom,” Mr Read commented. “It would be hard to imagine a much better example of that idea than Go Karting Club!”



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