Sports Results: Spring Term - Weeks 5-6


Senior School


Cricket @ U15 Lady Taverners National Championship

Congratulations to Bede’s U15 girls' cricket team, who reached the County Finals stage of the Lady Taverners Indoor U15 National Cup after a tremendous morning of cricket.

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Football versus Bradfield College (Independent Schools Football Association League)

1sts lost 3-0


Football versus Hove Park School and Sixth Form Centre (Sussex Count Cup Semi-Final)

U16s won 4-3


Football versus Eastbourne Borough

U14s won 3-1


Football versus Millais School

U15 girls lost 10-4


Football versus Claremont Senior School

U14As won 6-1


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Hockey versus Hailsham Men’s Hockey Club

1sts won 7-2


Hockey versus Eastbourne College (U18 County Cup)

1sts drew 2-2


Hockey versus Hurstpierpoint College (U18 and U16 County Cup)

1sts lost 2-1

U16As won (read a full match report here)


Hockey versus Buckswood School

2nds drew 1-1


Hockey versus Seaford College

U14Bs drew 2-2


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Badminton versus Christ’s Hospital School

1sts lost


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Basketball versus Worth School (Independent Schools League)

1sts lost 42-40


Basketball versus Rikkyo School in England

1sts lost 58-37


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Netball versus Ardingly College

1sts lost 35-25

U16 girls won 37-32


Netball versus Hurtspierpoint College

U16As won 28-9

U15As lost 33-2

U15Bs won 12-9

U14As won 30-22

U14bs won 13-10


Netball versus Willingdon Community College

U16 girls won 14-6


Netball versus Eastbourne College

U14A girls lost 26-18

U14B girls lost 19-9


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Squash versus Sevenoaks School

1sts won

U15s drew


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Prep School


Hockey @ U13 County Championships

The boys have made a brilliant start to the hockey season and played with great determination in this tournament.

They got off to a slow start against Claremont, but soon began to move the ball and work hard for each other and scored some good goals, defending with purpose.

They started the second game again rather slowly, but soon started to play with pace, purpose and intent. They defended solidly, passed the ball well, and again scored some good goals. Well done, and keep it up!

U13s won 7-1 against Claremont

U13s won won 9-0 against Battle

The U13s will now take part in the South East Regional Heats on Thursday 23 March at Woking Hockey Club.


Hockey versus Ashford School (IAPS U11 Regional Finals)

U11s lost 2-0


Hockey versus Vinehall

1sts won 3-2

2nds won 4-0

3rds lost 3-2

4ths won 3-1

U11As won 3-0

U11Bs won 7-0

U11Cs lost 1-0

U10s drew 0-0


Hockey versus Cumnor House Prep School

1sts won 4-1

2nds drew 2-2

3rds won 4-3


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Netball versus Ashdown House

U13s drew 11-11

U12s won 18-1

U11s drew 7-7

U10s won 6-0


Netball versus Windlesham House

U13s lost 6-4

U12s lost 11-7


Netball versus Cottesmore School

U13s won 13-3

U12s won 11-1


Netball versus Brighton College Prep School

U13As lost 16-12

U13Bs lost 25-4

U12As lost 22-8

U12Bs drew 0-0

U11As drew 0-0

U10As lost 8-2

U10Bs drew 0-0


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Rugby versus Cumnor House Prep School

U13As lost 30-15

U13Bs won 35-15

U12s lost 25-20

U9s lost 55-40


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Swimming @ Bede’s Senior School Swimathon

A few of Bede’s Prep School’s Year 5 students showed excellent fight and determination on Friday 24 Febuary by participating in a Swimathon organised by the Bede’s Senior School’s BTEC Physical Education students.

In order to raise money for Marie Curie Cancer Trust, the Year 5 children were challenged to swim as many lengths as they could in 45 minutes.

Each and every one of them gave 100% and did not give up, their team ethos and togetherness being a lovely thing to witness.

Park Mead Primary School also participated, with the final result showing that Park Mead swam 154 lengths while the Bede’s children managed to squeeze in a few more, finishing with 159.

The children were each awarded a medal and a certificate and had a lovely morning, so well done to them and to the Bede’s Senior School students who looked after the children so fantastically.


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