Warhammer Club: Bede’s Triumphs In Regional Contest


Four of the most cunning and valiant members of Bede’s Warhammer Club recently took part in the regional heats of the Warhammer Schools League, battling their plentiful local rivals with grit, guile and steely determination.

With four schools attending this year’s event, the young tacticians knew that while the top two teams would go through the rest would be left behind, their armies in tatters and generals forlorn, abandoned on a crater-filled, blood-soaked battlefield.

For clarity, those unfamiliar with the world of tabletop war-games should not be alarmed: nobody gets hurt playing Warhammer – unless a passionately thrown dice or lovingly painted miniature goes profoundly astray…


As any self-respecting gamer will attest, the Warhammer 40,000 world is themed around futuristic, interstellar conflicts which pit humans, super-humans and various alien races against one another in unending war – a deeply suspicious plot device that ensures we players never run out of reasons to play the game!

In line with Bede’s encouragement of pupil individuality, it was reassuring to see the School represented by four very different players fielding distinct, colourful, highly personalised armies.


First out of the gate was Lower Sixth, Knights House pupil Will Jobling, who stepped into the contest at the last minute due to one of our generals being a little under the weather.

Will fielded an array of psychically charged Eldar – a race of devious space elves who, despite being rather complex to control, came through with several victories under Will’s fiendish command. 


Fellow Lower Sixth pupil David Watson, from Deis House, may have been our least practiced player but he managed to form a suitably intimidating Space Marine army with an HQ Unit that cut through multiple enemy squads – the bane of infantry units. 

First Year Knights House commander Oliver Jones meanwhile chose to field a slavering horde of Tyranids. This proved a wise choice as, due to this alien species’ low appreciation for one another, and life in general, each unit came with a low ‘points cost’ – a limit placed on every player’s army that ensures fair and balanced battles.


With a tight limit on points cost per army this year, most contestants fielded fewer, stronger troops and smaller armies. Oliver’s vast swarm of mindless units therefore caught many competitors fantastically off guard, marking this shrewd young strategist out as a perceptive and promising player.

Similarly, First Year Dicker House pupil Owen Wellham took a brave chance on an Adeptus Mechanicus army – a new addition to the Warhammer 40,000 universe consisting of cyborgs and robots.

Owen, who had clearly spent a great deal of time learning how best to control this innovative species, as well as painting them beautifully, brought annihilation to every army he faced, his dedication to his hobby and his sharp mind giving him a distinct tactical edge.


To start with, the Bede’s team faced three battles with various objectives, from controlling a valuable relic to simply destroying as much of the enemy’s army as possible. A quiz, which tested the contestant’s background knowledge of their hobby, followed, with points also available for sportsmanship.

The boys all represented the school extraordinarily well, not least in their kindness to other players. One even allowed an opponent to recover from a potentially game-changing mistake, which is something that most tabletop war-gamers would ever contemplate!

The end result was a worthy second place for the boys, which means that the team is now through to the National Semi-Finals in April.

This is the second time in a row that the Bede’s Warhammer Club has reached this stage of the national contest, and third time overall, so well done to them all.

Indeed, we maintain our aim of beating the achievements of last year’s team and, with careful, considerate play, I have every confidence that the members of this year’s squad will achieve this lofty, challenging and noble goal.


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