Deis: Quizzers Taxed And Legs Waxed For Chailey Heritage


The annual Deis House Charity Week was attacked head on by the boys, all of whom engaged with the task at hand with both passion and diligence.

Chailey Heritage will be receiving some well-earned funds due to Deis efforts, which included a a Charity Quiz Night, weeklong Charity Tuck Shop, a Leg Waxing Challenge and, last but not least, our trademark ‘Deis Active’ day, an annual initiative during which the boys complete something physical whilst raising money through sponsorship from friends, family or members of the public.


Some examples of ‘Deis Active’ feats in recent years include a 5-hour drumming marathon, 10 kilometer runs, and one brave pupil swimming the English Channel (in distance, albeit in a swimming pool…)

This year was no different, with boys Charity Busking, long distance walking and engaging in endurance tests on Bede’s exercise bikes. The boys did the House proud, and everyone contributed.


Probably the most evocative event of this year’s Charity Week was the aforementioned Leg Waxing Challenge, during which Toby Wallace, Ollie Goodchild, Jake Davidson, Head of House Hector Hadow and I went around the school charging any brave pupil £3 for one leg waxing strip or £5 for two.

Pupils would then wax the leg of their chosen victim and, following on from a scathing assembly delivered by yours truly, it was clear who the main target would be.


Donations to wax Toby Wallace came in so thick and fast that we were concerned that Toby would run out of hair by the day’s end, a thought that seemed almost impossible given the amount of hair Toby has sprouted in recent years.

Thankfully Toby didn’t let us down, and he hammed up the whole process with gusto.

Last but not least, the final event of the week was the Charity Quiz Night, hosted in the Recital Room with members of both Deis and Bloomsbury attending alongside parents and members of the local community.


This was a well-constructed evening consisting of 6 rounds of highly challenging questions from quizmasters Mr Cheshire and Mr Jackson. Challenging unless, of course, you had Mr Tuson and Ms Woollett on your team - in which case their encyclopedic knowledge of Country Music, English Literature and Rivers in Africa proved most useful!

Overall, this year’s Deis House Charity Week was highly successful with the whole House rallying to raise funds for a worthy cause whilst having plenty of fun at the same time.


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