Camberlot: 'Channel Swim' Raises £5,000 For Warchild


Cambo 'channel swimmers' Dominic O’Donnell, Jaz Wardle, Marko Brnovic and their Housemaster, Mr Jones.

At 5 a.m. on Saturday 13 May, the only people awake across the Bede's campus were the Camberlot House swimmers and their 14-strong support crew, all of whom started their day by eating almost a tonne of porridge and brown rice - the fuel we would need to get us through our extraordinary endurance swimming event. 

The swim started just after 6 in Bede's Swimming Pool, with Bede's Director of Sport Mr Byrne being our lifeguard for most of the event.

Our plan was to swim the equivalent of the width of the English Channel, and Mr Jones was the first in the water followed shortly by Jaz, myself and Dominic.


It was a hard first length, each of us knowing that we had another 329 more to go, but while we swam the rest of the Cambo boys arrived and brought food and water. They shouted in support and helpfully told all of the swimmers how many lengths they had left before they reached their goals.

Undoubtedly, the rest of the House helped us a lot and they were a big asset to the team!

We also had Noah Jones, Mr Jones’s young son, swimming 6 lengths and setting a personal best, which was a splendid thing to see.


The last swimmer from the team clambered out of the pool before the clock had struck 10, and at this point our 'channel swim' was over! With 330 lengths completed each, we swam 33km or about 20.5 miles as a collective.

And why? Well, at the beginning of the year we started supporting our new House Charity, WarChild. WarChild empowers and liberates children affected by war around the world, and we committed to a goal of raising £10,000 for the organisation across the school year.


After our formal charity dinner last term, which was an amazing success, we made good initial headway towards meeting our, but with this event raising a staggering £5,000 we are now significantly closer to accomplishing it. 

The swim was a great success even in its own right however, as everyone enjoyed it and that morning in the pool there was a true sense of House Spirit echoing around the Sports Complex.


We would like to thank everyone who helped, from the Cambo boys who supported us to the kitchen staff who made us food especially early, and - of course - Mr Byrne for organising, lifeguarding, and making the event possible.

Lastly however, everyone in Camberlot would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who donated and helped us to raise such an amazing sum!


If you would care to make a donation towards supporting Camberlot's House Charity through this event specifically, please click here.


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