Maths: Bedians Excel At UKMT Junior and Senior Challenges


Two teams from Bede’s recently travelled to Robertsbridge Community College to take part in the hotly contested UK Mathematics Junior Team Challenge.

With Bede’s having won the regional competition last year, and with so many Senior pupils having earned certificates through the UKMT earlier in the year (as detailed below), the Junior teams travelled with high hopes and were accompanied by Prep School’s Head of Maths Mr Fasciolo-Barnes and Senior School Maths teacher Mrs Sheppard.

The day started with some tricky challenges to settle the students into their teams, with the first round consisting of 10 questions for the teams to answer as a group.

Both teams thoroughly enjoyed this part of the event with Gus, Miles, Oliver and Eliane scoring highly.

The next round was the ‘Shuttle’ where the groups separate into pairs and had to solve problems and use the answers to start another and so on. Again Gus, Miles, Oliver and Eliane score highly.

After the lunch was finished, the groups moved straight onto the ‘Crossnumber’ round. This again needed the teams to split into pairs, with one group having ‘down questions’ and the other having ‘up questions’, which they had to answer to fill in a sheet.

The children quickly realised that many of the questions were interconnected and with no communication allowed, this provided an extra challenge!


Bede's Prep School's Director of Studies, Mrs Morris, preparing young mathematicians.

Both teams of Charlie, Joe, Kirsty and Tilly, and Gus, Miles, Oliver and Eliane scored extremely well in this round, but with the final round looming both teams started to get a little excited.

The ‘Relay’ required the children to answer as many questions as possible in pairs before running across the hall to give their answers to a judge. The runners then had to dash back with the next question and set about solving it with the other half of their team.

With both teams showing great determination and tenacity, they tried their hardest to answer every questions they faced.

The final standings saw the team involving Charlie, Joe, Tilly and Kirsty rank amongst the top 12 and the team of Gus, Miles, Oliver and Eliane coming in second place by one point!

Although bitterly disappointed at coming in second, the team of Gus, Miles, Oliver and Eliane had a quick discussion, agreed on the question that felt had hindered them the most and quickly found the solution!

The event proved to be a thoroughly enjoyable day out for the pupils and offered a great showcase of the love Bede’s Mathematicians have for problem solving – as well as their desire to always learn from mistakes!

These successes followed hot on the heels of Bede’s pupils Geng Liu, Alex Hilton and Kingston Law earning Merit Certificates during the UK Maths Trust’s Senior Kangaroo Challenge, an honour which places them in the top 1.4% of the country’s school-age mathematicians.


That prestigious, invite-only competition saw the UKMT selecting the top 1,500 maths students in the country to compete based on candidates’ previous accomplishments in the UK Maths Olympiad.

Eliane entered the Girls Maths Olympiad, which is aimed at the best female mathematicians across the country in Year 11 and above, and earned a Certificate of Distinction despite only being in the First Year! She will now be invited to take part in follow-on Olympiads at a higher level.

An additional 20 Sixth Form Further Maths pupils took part in the UKMT’s Senior Maths Challenge meanwhile, with Eymeric Boyer, Kyle Mathieson, Harry Wootten, Zeeton Feng and Andre Bennett earning Gold certificates, Henry Writer, Matthew Pickering, Allen Chan, Jordan Kemp, Tully Evennett-Collins and Josh Prosper earning Silver awards, and Qianqian Du, Joe Qiao, Ethan Parker, Marko Brnovic, Rosalind Scarff, Sebastian Whitlock, Polly McCarthy and Yulan Wu earning Bronze certificates.

Well done to them all.


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