Warhammer Club: Bedians Wreak Havoc at Schools League Semi-Finals


The team commandeers alternate transport for the journey back to Upper Dicker...


Friday 28 April saw Bede’s Warhammer Team travelling to Warhammer World in Nottingham to compete against the top 20 schools in the country in the semi-final of the annual National Warhammer Schools League.

The team had qualified for the semi-finals for the second year in a row after their successes in the Regional leg of the competition in February, during which children from across Sussex were pitched against one another in series of strategic, table-top war games involving dice and personalised model soldiers.


Hopes were high that we would better our 14th place finish in 2016, with veteran Lower Sixth general David Watson taking a Space Marine army to the field, mutilating many a foe with his bike-riding sword-wielding Captain.

Fellow Lower Sixth tactician Will Jobling took his (now fully painted) Eldar to battle, making good use of their hard-to-master special rules, while First Year Ollie Jones once again commanded his Tyranid hordes, including a fearsome winged Hive Tyrant called Cuddles who, regrettably, took the brunt of the enemy fire. 


Last but not least, First Year Owen Wellham set out to annihilate all-comers with his Mars-themed army of tech-priests and robots, the Adeptus Mechanicus. Owen was so successful, in fact, that he secured the Best General award over the eighty other players present – a fantastic achievement of which he should be very proud.

Regrettably, the war effort did not go entirely our way and, despite some brilliant victories, including Owen completely obliterating (otherwise known as “tabling”) another player in less than five minutes, we finished in exactly the same position as last year! 


Along with having a great deal of fun, the team learned an enormous amount about the various armies and rules, in one case massively improving their game when, having faced disaster in the first round, Ollie managed to do considerably better against a near-identical army later in the tournament.

All of the boys also carefully considered what they would do to tweak their armies in future, including by taking inspiration from the magnificent displays in the exhibition area whose scale, detail and paintwork were truly incredible. 


Special thanks go to our driver for a phenomenal round trip, and to all the parents involved in encouraging these young hobbyists (including by transporting them in and out of school pre-dawn and then in late evening). 

We certainly intend to build on this year’s accomplishment in next year’s League, having really enjoyed a thought-provoking and enjoyable day out, and credit must go to Will, David, Ollie and Owen for being such terrific ambassadors for the school.


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