Alumnus Solly March Interviewed By The Times


Bede’s alumnus Solomon March was interviewed by The Times newspaper recently for an article published today entitled, ‘From the Goldstone to the Amex: The rise of Brighton & Hove Albion’ during which he spoke affectionately about the School from the second paragraph onwards.

During the interview, Solly proudly mentioned Knights House, saying the principles he was taught in Knights encouraged him to see that “We all need a quiet pride in ourselves.”

The article came about due to Brighton & Hove Albion’s promotion to the English Premier League – an accomplishment sealed by a momentous goal from Solly in a moment that inspired everyone at Bede’s last April.

Brighton and Hove Albion

Elsewhere in the interview Solly discusses his father’s non-League footballing career at Hailsham Town, praises the Seagull’s culture of support and community, and talks about his early experiences at Crystal Palace Academy.

Possibly most heart-warmingly, a section of the interview also sees Solly praise his Bede’s football coach Mr Leggett, who departed Upper Dicker at the end of last term after more than a decade of service to take up the position of Deputy Headmaster at Skipper’s Hill Prep School.

Solly Main

“Mr Leggett could see my potential,” Solly says in the article. “He taught me the importance of showing respect to people, giving me the drive to achieve what I want, and telling me I could do that if I put in the hard work.”

With Solly having played for the England U21s under Gareth Southgate as well as diligently representing Brighton and Hove Albion in recent years, overcoming injury and contributing impressively to the team’s accomplishments last season, he has become one of the most successful sporting alumni in recent Bede’s history.

Solly w T Morriss

Having read the article in The Times this morning, Bede’s Headmaster Peter Goodyer said, “Solly is an outstanding role model for pupils at Bede’s and I hope he realises that, as well as how genuinely proud his old teachers are of him.

“Moreover, there are girls and boys at Bede’s who may have been tempted to think that a career in premiership football is only a fantasy. Solly’s story shows that with hard work, dedication and an exceptional mental attitude it is possible. That he once wore green and white and now wears blue and white is something the whole School feels exceptionally proud of.”

Looking ahead to the Seagulls’ opening game of the season against Manchester City, everyone at Bede’s hopes Solly knows that we are all behind him – and that many of our season-ticket holding staff will be there in the stands, cheering him on, as they have at every game in recent years.


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