Houses Embark On Annual Outings Across Sussex


Sunday 3 September saw both Day and Boarding Houses embark on their annual House Outings.

With the First Years having only joined the School a mere four days previously, the outings were an excellent opportunity to bond with the new members of their House by taking part in team building activities. Here's a selection of some of the exciting things the Houses got up to.

Justin Sealy, Camberlot Deputy Housemaster reports on their Annual Games Day


The Camberlot boys once again descended on the MPH for their annual games day, featuring giant games of dodgeball, football, tag and stuck-in-the-mud, each with their own Cambo twist. After a short warm up led by Mr Clark, the boys were able to let off some steam after a busy start to the term.


Afterwards, the entire house returned for a BBQ from Holroyd Howe, and were quickly tucking in to pulled pork and getting to know each other a little better. The rain did eventually set in, but the fun continued into the afternoon with table tennis and pool. The boys all enjoyed their chance to spend some quality time with new friends and the beginnings of some excellent bonds were formed.


Paul Juniper, Dorms Housemaster reports on their House Teambuilding Ramble

40 boys from Dorms House took part in the annual walk up Windover Hill on the South Downs to the top of the Long Man of Wilmington. Tom Peck, our new Head of House, took the lead ably assisted by Ben Barden and Henry Cholmondeley.


The boys reached the summit in record time to enjoy a picnic, before visiting the picturesque village of Alfriston for a wander, a kick about on the village green and an ice cream. This was not only a fun way to introduce our new overseas boarders to the beautiful Sussex countryside, but also an excellent team building exercise. Well done to all who took part.



Andrew Walker, Teacher of French and Spanish reports on their House Team Building Trip to Hindleap Warren

 The girls of Dorter House, accompanied by their House staff and matrons, headed off to Hindleap Warren Outdoor Centre for a day of team building. We had all been looking forward to this event and it proved to be every bit as motivating as everyone had hoped, providing the perfect mix of exciting activities.16

All the challenges faced throughout the day required great teamwork, determination and cooperation. The need to share strengths and ideas brought out the very best in every girl, whether new to the House or not, bonding as a new Dorter team. It was wonderful to see new faces showing tremendous leadership skills, taking risks and gaining confidence in a new environment while helping others.  


Mrs Murphy's decision to take the House to Hindleap Warren proved to be an inspired one and has enabled the girls to take a giant leap forward so early on in the term, which will no doubt help Dorter to be its very best in the coming months and beyond.


Adelaide Coffey, Crossways Deputy Head of House reports on Crossways House BBQ

 The girls from Crossways House spent the day playing teambuilding games and bonding over a barbeque. The day itself was an absolute success and was a great way for all the new girls to meet everyone in House.  


The day began with Mr Rohmer’s epic relay race!  I think I can speak for the whole House when I say that we were expecting a fun circuit rather than a ‘Crossways Army Training’ session. However, it was a great kick-start to the day. A particular highlight was the scavenger hunt, where we were each assigned a group and had 15 minutes to find random objects such as a pinecone, feather, turquoise pen, winter hat, stamp and a foreign coin to name a few. It was certainly challenging to find the objects within the time, but a fantastic teambuilding exercise.

We were treated to a wonderful barbeque put on by Holroyd Howe, and despite our full stomachs, the day ended with some great games of rounders and netball. The whole House enjoyed meeting new faces and getting to know everyone better, a successful afternoon all round.


Grace Stannard of Bloomsbury House reports on their House Ramble

The girls from Bloomsbury House took part in a walk along Eastbourne promenade. The excursion was a fantastic opportunity for the girls to get to know other members from their House. The walk was done at our own pace, which allowed time to chat and catch up on the summer holidays. Our walk took us all the way along the seafront, past the pier, the bandstand and the wish tower.


Once we reached Meads, we had a picnic and an ice cream on the beach looking out to sea before enjoying a leisurely walk back. It was a wonderful outing for all the girls who came along, a chance to bond with fellow members of the House and get to know the lovely Bloomsbury staff.  

A great time was had by all during the House Outings, with the primary aims of socialising with the members of their House and having fun being met!


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