House Prefects Get The First Training Session Under Their Belts


On the evening of Thursday 14 September, the House Prefects for this academic year got another training session under their belt.

Held by Mr Abraham, the session focussed on the teamwork of prefects. We were tasked with naming the core values of the School, an activity which immediately created discussions from all corners of the room.

Mr Abraham then went on to discuss the core values and the role that the House Prefects would have in ensuring they are upheld within the School.


He explained the position that the House Prefects have within the School and the community as role models.

The prefects were then invited to choose one of the school values and formulate a plan of how they would go about instilling the chosen value into each House and how those tactics might vary from year group to year group. 

Each group was then invited to present their tactics to the entire group. This process helped us form closer bonds with the other House Prefects, whilst also helping to establish some great ideas for Houses to instil the values.


A piercing alarm then rippled through the new dining room. The whole room focused on Sam Avery’s performance of a pupil in discovery of the infection of a number of pupils by a deadly disease.

The teams were each given a pack of information and told to find a solution to minimise the casualties and hopefully eliminate them all. However, the pressure was high with only twenty minutes to find a solution and new factors constantly being announced by Mr Abraham.

The room soon became abounding with discussions of strategies as tasks were divided between the members of each team. 


When the emergency situation drew to an end the teams shared their tactics to the group and expounded on their reasons for them.

Mr Abraham finished the session with an explanation of the importance of delegation to boost the efficiency of the respective Houses’ prefect teams.


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