School Prefects' Training Day Leads to Exciting New Proposals


On the morning of Saturday 2 September, the School Prefects of 2017-18 assembled for their first training day.

It was bright and early that we all convened in the Old Dining Room as newly appointed School Prefects. Holroyd Howe had prepared a fabulous platter of bacon sandwiches, which were soon devoured, along with seemingly endless cups of tea. 

The programme was started by a welcome and introduction from the Headmaster, Mr Goodyer, following which he outlined his vision for our team.  Mr Lewis then informed us of our safeguarding responsibilities and the essential role that Prefects can play in ensuring the safety of all pupils.


Following this we had a question and answer session with two of last year’s School Prefects. With our Head Boy Louis Muston directing the course of events, we were able to glean some wisdom from their hindsight and mistakes, while their honesty over the stresses of the role helped prepare us for the reality and hard work to come. 

Mr Driver was next to speak, where he explained to us the psychology behind the most successful ideas and companies. To give us the best chance of winning people over, we would have to approach it as an emotional crusade, the ‘why’ somebody should buy into the idea.  From there, the ‘how’ and the ‘what’ will come. 

In the final stage of the morning, the team was split into smaller groups and given the opportunity to form our own manifestos on issues that we felt could be improved within the School, and then how we might be able resolve them.


One by one, we stood up to present our individual visions, a number of which were duplicated across the group. One issue that was raised was the subliminal segregation of girls and boys in the School.

 Since Bede’s is a functioning community in itself, we felt more could be done to promote integration between the genders. We all felt small things such as allowing and directing girls’ and boys’ houses to sit amongst each other in chapel would help to break the initial awkwardness. 

Another point discussed was the variety of sport and how each sport was valued by the school. For many boarders, they are missing out on some sports that may be played back home. To this end, we agreed that it would be good for the School Prefects to host training and recreational sessions in these sports for boarders to take part in.

Once all the groups had had an opportunity to present, we then headed out onto the lawn for a barbeque, followed by an afternoon of music at Bede’s Fest to end a most productive morning. 



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