Cardiff Met Lecturers Inspire Bede's Artists


Over eighty Bede’s Art, Ceramics and Photography A Level pupils welcomed Ceramics Senior lecturer Duncan Ayscough and Artist, Designer, Maker Graduate Abbie Brackpool to our school.

They enjoyed an inspiring presentation about the opportunities for artists at Cardiff and the many degree courses that they offer.


Our pupils were given a huge insight into the future opportunities the degree courses hold for them. One of the exciting statistics is that 96% of all graduates from Cardiff secure employment or go onto MA courses within six months of graduating. The creative field of art and design is ever evolving and a very exciting field to work in; 60% of graduates will, in ten years be working in jobs which do not exist yet!

The course at Cardiff is structured into three distinct years of study: Explore, Discover and Specialise. Yet regardless of degree course, students are able to take modules in a range of other disciplines. Imagine a graphic designer working with a ceramicist, a fine art painter and a furniture maker. The outcomes of their collaborative project would be endless and this open access to other studios allows for skills to be shared.


The lecturers at Cardiff seem very keen to push students to go beyond the boundaries of their chosen discipline. At Bede’s, we have a superb Art and Design Department, which offers pupils the chance to study Fine Art, Graphic Design, Ceramics and Photography. At Bede’s we challenge our pupils to push themselves beyond their own field of expertise, in order to challenge themselves as an artist.

Following the presentation, the Ceramics department and it’s a Level pupils welcomed Duncan Ayscough and Abbie Brackpool to The Kennels for a Ceramics Masterclass. The A Level pupils were challenged to work on a Ceramics degree course project that encouraged them to look at experimenting with light, shadow, form and structure.


My ceramics pupils tend to work on individual projects throughout the year but for this exercise they were challenged to create in pairs and collaborate their ideas.

 This was a huge success, with all pupils demonstrating first class focus, effort and enthusiasm to create. Both Duncan Ayscough and Abbie Brackpool were impressed by the pupils’ ability to create 3D products in such a short space of time as well as their attention and insightful questions.

 It was a very successful afternoon for the Art and Design department, our pupils gained a great deal from the visiting lecturers with pupils saying it has given the ideas about their futures and courses they would research further.


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